Kommentarer Fate/Apocrypha - Astolfo (Taito)

  • If anyone is selling him please dm me
    1 månad sedan
    7 månader sedan
    Astolfo looks way better in personal that I thought. So cute and so pretty. The painting of the figure may not be perfect but considering the price, it's already a good deal.
    9 månader sedan
    Pm me if you're selling in the EU
    1 år sedan
    my boy looks so good!! got them not too long ago and theyre so cute!
    1 år sedan
    I'm trying to get rid of mine, only taken out of the box once. At this point I'm looking for offers
    1 år sedan
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    1 år sedan
    To be honest he looks way cuter in real life than the pictures show! Sure he has some paint issues but considered what I paid for him I can't complain.
    Really glad I get to add him to my collection!
    1 år sedan
    Just got him in today, looks way better than I thought he would. I'll be uploading some crappy pics in a bit. I'll leave the detail shots up to someone with a decent camera.
    1 år sedan
    Any pictures of the actual thing, please...?
    1 år sedan
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