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Original Character - Creator's Collection - Tasting Girl - Choco Mint - 1/8 (BINDing, Native)Original Character - Creator's Collection - Tasting Girl - Choco Mint - 1/8 (BINDing, Native)

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Original Character - Creator's Collection - Tasting Girl - Choco Mint - 1/8 (BINDing, Native)
Skala & Dimensioner
1/8  H=120mm (4.68in, 1:1=0.96m)
04/2019 As Limited + Exclusive
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Orders via Native Online Store can be placed between the 5th September 2018 from 15:00JST until the 7th November 2018 at 29:00JST.


Intressanta Kommentarer
Oh wow, epic fail. Completely removing this from my wished list and notifications.
3 månader sedan
Wooooow I was more than a little excited for this (both of them actually). Blue and brown is my fav color combo and I LOVE FOOD GIRLS and I was going to PO this... but wow. Major fail. Her face looks awful, the hat looks like it's part of her hair, her panties are weird/?? Too big. *sigh* Her illustration looks amazing and this figure look uh... nothing like it to say the least. I really wonder if I'm being picky, but Native has been disappointing me lately >_>
2 månader sedan
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2 månader sedan
Alright, if this is the final face for her then I am out.

Compared to the illustration it lacks on love for details and the expression is fully missed.

Gonna pass on her.
2 månader sedan
I still understand why they shrunk her butt from the the illustration art. Did they think more people would like the figure if the booty was smaller?
That decision basically ruined it for me.
2 månader sedan
Going to pass on this one. $130 (before shipping) for a 1/8 scale figure is too much in my opinion.
2 månader sedan
Mint chocolate is my favorite ice cream flavor, so I had no choice but to order the figure. But I must say that the face looks pretty bad compared to the strawberry face.. :(
2 månader sedan
Shiratori1 (3 månader sedan) #38085972I'll withhold judgement until she's finished. Not sure why her hair has two colors or why they changed the panty design though.

Upon closer examination, the panty design is similar. But the way they did it and the material thickness used make her looks like a diaper... not very alluring.

pietosis (3 månader sedan) #38067226Same here at least my wallet doesnt die now. I wished they made her smaller and made her ice cream larger but knowing binding they just made a huge figure and focus on just the girl. It doesnt match the art at all becouse they seemed to have bowls and be sitting on huge ice cream scoops in the art

I agree, the ice cream is slightly too small. I also feel she is quite lifeless (eyes, colors, etc.) compared to the original artwork. That the kind of figure I keep on the wishlist until I see the actual product and find it for a good price on the aftermarket.

Just seen Kaneel's own pictures, she looks better. www.flickr.com/...
3 månader sedan
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123585 items, Rare/Limited/Exclusive, Since 2007


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