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Yonmegami Online Cyber Dimension Neptune - Black Heart - 1/7 (Ascii Media Works, Chara-Ani)Yonmegami Online Cyber Dimension Neptune - Black Heart - 1/7 (Ascii Media Works, Chara-Ani)

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Orders via Dengekiya and AmiAmi Japan can be placed between the 28th July 2017 to the 2nd October 2017.
These will include a clearfile.

Dengeki 25th Special pack
Will come with
- a special background
- b2 tapestry
- Shikishi illustrated by Tsunako


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there you go, more purple and black heart, meanwhile alter never finished their base CPU line...
i'm not directly complaining about the figures, i'm sure they'll be cool, but neptunia has just so many good looking characters, that's one of the 3 main appeals of the game, you know, how it was supposed to be about console wars and choosing a side? yeah, can't do that with figures.
1 år sedan
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Selling my spare one: CLASSIFIED #152657
Only shortly opened her to check the quality. She unfortunately was delivered with some minor flaws but I think she still looks gorgeous. Free Shipping only in Germany and Switzerland.
12 dagar sedan
Quick sale
150$USD plus shipping

Pm for more information

1 månad sedan
ratsmah (2 månader sedan) #36007399Recently counterfeit shown up yeah its hard to tell since box and everything looks exact. there was few yja sales that went to 8k-10k which were fakes... ofc by disposable accounts. negative feedback followed.
2 månader sedan
Recently a counterfeit version has shown up
2 månader sedan
Got the last one from jfigure
2 månader sedan
Selling mine, figure and box are in perfect condition (clearfile not included) CLASSIFIED #152162 : 165 €

WORLDWIDE shipping.

10% Off for a set of 2 figures or more !

PM me if interested.

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blvckwolfs (3 månader sedan) #34383189Wonder why she's harder to find than Purple Heart. :/Because Noire is waifu.
3 månader sedan
Wonder why she's harder to find than Purple Heart. :/
3 månader sedan
thanks for info though purple heart there was 40 day lag. Currently its been close to 70 days for black heart. I am wondering if they shipping her by boat. there was also no teaser unlike purple heart on their twitter i could find. so it is bit not sure.
3 månader sedan
carbonate (3 månader sedan) #33066173Will there be any usa sale? Its been a while and no news.

Purple heart was on iffy's store early March so I would give it sometime. The release dates from purple and black heart in Japan was about a month difference but the announcement dates were over a month long. If not at least by May then I guess not? Also I think purple heart was sold out almost immediately so watch out when it happens.
3 månader sedan
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