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Fate/Grand Order - Saber Bride - 2nd Ascension (Flare)Fate/Grand Order - Saber Bride - 2nd Ascension (Flare)

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Klon Solo Rei basta!
marseille (7 dagar sedan) #44818825 (currently playing Fate/Extra CCC on PS Vita). Now I'm a complete Nero addict. XD

Hahaha, me too! Actually it's my second run on the game (first was with the Nero ending of course). Going the "Sakura route"now. Quite difficult for me, because I'm too stupid to learn japanese, but I do my best with the little I know and translation programs.
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My bride finally came home! ^^
This is my first Saber Bride figure as I missed the others due to the fact that I wasn't much into the Fate/Extra franchise until recently. Things changed after I started watching the Last Encore anime and felt encouraged to play the Extra games (currently playing Fate/Extra CCC on PS Vita). Now I'm a complete Nero addict. XD
Anyway, I think Flare did a fantastic job with this Nero figure. Her face is perfect, the eyeprints and hair are beautiful, and the dress details are quite impressive. You can rotate her right arm, so you can basically have two poses, one with the sword and one without it (I particularly prefer the latter). Another nice feature is her completely transparent box, which allows you to have a very nice view of her while unopened. One unfortunate thing is that the veil is not removable. That would've been an amazing feature so you could enjoy the back view of her *ahem* dress. ^^
Now, even though the figure is quite amazing, I did have a small quality issue: a scratch on her right shoe. Fortunately, it's not that visible thanks to her pose, but yeah... Flare could improve their QC a bit more. This is my second Flare figure out of 3 that has small QC issues and their figures are not cheap after all. But I still give her a 10/10, because I think she was totally worth it.
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My whole October order is hung up on one little toy that’s delayed

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