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Selling my e2046 Version with Box. Like new, perfectly painted.
7 dagar sedan
Taralen Elf Hoarder
I found the original for a really good price... I'm pretty excited! Now I never have to think about getting the subpar Bandai version ever again! XD
1 månad sedan
Selling mine. New and original.
5 månader sedan
oh my god I need this, I wish I had seen it when it was available reeeeeeeee. I'm no good at painting so the GK is a no-go :C.

If anyone happens to see this for sale please PM me <3
2 år sedan
This is amazing :o
3 år sedan
where could I find this I wonder
4 år sedan
I think they improved the sculpt
4 år sedan
20000 yen..fuuuu~
4 år sedan
In was always hesitant to get this GK because you weren't really able to recreate the manga image without clear parts for the dress. Well, my patience paid off. I am so happy they made a new version inclusing clear parts :D !
4 år sedan
Yaay! Finally clear parts! It was a must for this <3
4 år sedan
Second hand waifus deserve a second chance at laifu!



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