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Senjou no Valkyria Duel - Selvaria Bles - Dwell - 1/6 - Everlasting Summer (Vertex)Senjou no Valkyria Duel - Selvaria Bles - Dwell - 1/6 - Everlasting Summer (Vertex)

Senjou no Valkyria Duel - Selvaria Bles - Dwell - 1/6 - Everlasting Summer (Vertex)
Skala & Dimensioner
1/6  H=250mm (9.75in, 1:1=1.5m)
07/27/2016 As Standard
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Vertex has been good with Selvaria. Really hoping they keep with the series and continue delivering.

2 år sedan
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Might be extremely lucky with how my figure came out (perfectly painted with no stains, incredibly precise sculpt/no deformation of hair/appendages). This is the first figure since Zettai Reiko (not ironically, from the artist Raita as well), that I absolutely loved the moment I unboxed it.

The end product is extremely faithful to the art and prototype even though it is hard to tell by the pictures (lots of contours and incredibly detailed sculpting/shading that brings out Selvaria's definition is hidden by lighting when taking pictures). I had to really place her under all sorts of natural lighting and angles to finally get her rib detail and the detailed grooves on her feet to show in pictures. Moreover, she has healthy pinkish shading all around her more muscular parts that are definitely visible to the naked eye, but subtly hidden in most pictures that I see of the real product; these make her almost lifelike, and the very subtle blush accents really make her contours pop without taking away from that near perfect porcelain complexion. What's more, the stand/support is actually decorative and detailed but does not at all distract from Selvaria herself. The design keeps her safely balanced/locked in place by gravity (no annoying pegs to try not to break/no danger of leaning). It is both beaufitul and functional (time will tell if I cry when I find her butt with a bunch of paint transfer).

Perhaps one of the only flaws on my figure is on her right bicep where there is a smooth light reflective transparent mark (my guess is it is an extremely thin layer of glue or protective coating that was not cleaned up properly). Even then, this could only be seen when shone on directly by artificial light sources. The other gripe isn't really a flaw but the design of the flowers that took a good amount of time and fear out of me. The flowers don't really have a definite location to be pegged/secured in, and some may find it frustrating to place (I myself found it extremely scary trying not to transfer green paint all over Selvaria when tucking the plant between her thighs and resting it against her hand).

I often expect the item to fall short of the prototype or miss some details from the proto and judging by most of the non-expo/prototype photos, that seemed to be the case. I have never been happier to be proven wrong. I loved the character design and the actual figure even more. She's absolutely unreal and definitely the correct figure to pick to represent one of my favourite female warriors for my collection.
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Available on DoujinRepublic (Free Shipping from Japan).
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god is good
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Bought one
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