Kommentarer Fire Emblem If - Leon - D4 Fire Emblem If Rubber Keychain Collection Vol.2 - D4 Series - Rubber Keychain (empty)

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    1 månad sedan
    Selling him (shipping within the USA only), please PM me if you are interested! :)
    Leo is now sold but I still have others available ^^
    2 år sedan
    Selling him for 20 + shipping and paypal fees. PM me! Sold!
    3 år sedan
    3 år sedan
    Selling him. Please PM me if you're interested.
    4 år sedan
    Uhm, yeah, late to the party thanks to the European release - but I really want him too :D
    4 år sedan
    I'll just hope for a re-release since I want all of this box (though Leo most of all).
    4 år sedan
    Buying! Hit me up, pretty flexible with pricing! <3
    4 år sedan
    4 år sedan
    Gosh I'm desperate for him.
    If anyone is selling/trading him or any other characters let me know. ;,)

    I got him! I'm still interested in finding any other fe14 straps other then Leon and Joker !
    4 år sedan
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