Mascot Character - Super Pochaco - Noodle Stopper Figure (FuRyu)Mascot Character - Super Pochaco - Noodle Stopper Figure (FuRyu)¥ Köp¥ Köp

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Skala & Dimensioner
H=130mm (5.07in)
11/20/2015 As Prize
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Looking to buy!! I stupidly sold my copy about a year ago when I was only collecting Sonico and not Pochaco :(
7 månader sedan
Available on GoodsRepublic (Free Shipping from Japan).
2 år sedan
Cupcakez89 The quiet one
Selling mine for $20 (with free shipping)
SALE #120488
3 år sedan
got mine today i love her boobs and ass
4 år sedan
Selling the white version, 15e in france
4 år sedan
Just grabbed one from AmiAmi preowned to go along with Sonico!

EDIT: Mine arrived yesterday and that's the smallest figure box I've ever seen!
4 år sedan
Just got both of mine in today after a worrisome Christmas-SAL, and they look SO good. A bit tinier than I was expecting, but the sculpt is sooo nice for a prize figure ;__;~
4 år sedan
Wow the box is so tiny. I was expecting a big waste of space like with the Sonico version's box. xD
4 år sedan
Sztike4 år sedan#49263613280 JPY (set) global.rakuten....

With the price of prize figures I wonder if it is cheaper to import from sites like this or just use amazon with free prime shipping. On amazon for both its about $40-$45 but comes with free 2 day shipping. On Rakuten it's about $32 but not sure what they charge for shipping.

Usually on scale figures it's almost no brainer to import from like amiami since even with shipping they are much cheaper than amazon, eBay, etc. But with these I never know what best route is
4 år sedan