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Acrylic Size: W380 x D140 x H4mm
Materials: Base: Acrylic / Cap, Spacers, Braces: Aluminum

[Set Contents]
-Acrylic shelf x2
-Cap x8
-Spacer x4
-15mm Brace x8
-30mm Brace x8


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If anyone is interested in buying these, but intending to use them as back risers with long legs only, you will have to purchase additional long legs. As in, buying 6 of these gives you 12 acrylic risers, but only enough to make 6 long risers (medium leg -> small leg -> medium leg -> acrylic hole -> cap). Model Base Ex-02 Long Pillar Set is what you need, which is advertised on the box (as Ex-02 ロング支柱セット), and various stores sell them online.

It's actually over 20k yen including shipping for 6 plus additional Ex-02 long legs if you're doing this. Not really worth it but I chose this route regardless.
3 år sedan
You can buy Japanese anime and manga merch!


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