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Bakemonogatari - Gengashuu - 2 - Key Animation Note - Volume 2 (Media Pal, Shaft)Bakemonogatari - Gengashuu - 2 - Key Animation Note - Volume 2 (Media Pal, Shaft)

Bakemonogatari - Gengashuu - 2 - Key Animation Note - Volume 2 (Media Pal, Shaft)
Skala & Dimensioner
W=200mm (7.8in)  L=195mm (7.61in)
02/28/2015 As Standard
01/19/2015 As Limited + Exclusive
1240 Sidor
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A compilation of over 3000 drawings!

-3 books covering the Nadeko Snake and Tsubasa cat arcs as well as a fourth book covering background art and setting.
-Original cover illustrations by Akio Watanabe
-4 full color books totaling 1240 pages
-Paper slipcover included


Is there anywhere I can still get this without, like... having to sell a kidney?
3 år sedan
Mine should arrive by tonight ^_^

Bless DHL for delivering even on Saturday lol
4 år sedan
just received, so heavy!! (60 euro for EMS for one book.. I don't wanna think about it XD )
this time 4 books, I'll open when I have some time :3
4 år sedan
Just got mine. I really dig the background art/settings book. Who doesn't love Shaft's architecture? :P
4 år sedan
Found on Hobby Link Japan for ¥9,000 (shipping starts at ¥2,860):
4 år sedan
astrum the unnecessary guy
Sold out real fast everywhere and the price has instantly shot up by 5000 yen from the original 9000 yen w/o tax as seen on Amazon jp, wow... Glad it's on its way here! If anyone's interested I might do a review of this and the 1st volume whenever I have time. I'm real excited!
4 år sedan
I just recently got the first volume which makes me really want to get this. However, I think I'm going to wait a few days and see if it's still available because of that price tag...

I have no doubt that it will be just as, if not more wonderful than the first. (Ep. 12 though c:)
4 år sedan
Now up at CDJapan.cpm www.cdjapan.co....

The shipping estimates provided by them to the USA range between 3200 to 7600 yen. Already ordered a copy from Amazon.co.jp with the new PMMM Rebellion production book. Anyone on the fence should order ASAP because from my memory the first book kept going in and out of stock, and right now it seems it is sold out.
4 år sedan
Just ordered through Amazon jp. Typically, I'd go through AmiAmi but the shipping would be so much. When I bought the first set of books from Mandarake, it was 3,400 yen with DHL so i can only imagine how much it would be through EMS. Really glad this is finally getting released. The first set was great! This will actually be my first time ordering through Amazon jp, so let's hope all goes well!
4 år sedan
astrum the unnecessary guy
I'm so happy this second volume is finally out ;_; Kinda sad it's 3k yen more expensive than the previous book, but ya' can't complain.

The shipping's going to definitely be a lot from 3200-6000 yen for SAL to EMS since it's pretty much comparable to its sister 1st volume ITEM #168552, I personally recommend everyone go through Amazon JP for that flat 1200 DHL 2 day shipping if you can (NA buyers especially), but it's your choice!

AmiAmi - 9720 yen www.amiami.com/...
Amazon JP - 9720 yen www.amazon.co.j...
4 år sedan
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