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I have the entire set of these, looking to sell them!
5 månader sedan
I have three Chobits figures from Konami set. The figures are Chii in shirt, Yuzuki and Chii wearing the maid dress. Perfect condition (only one peg broke in Yuzuki's base but the figure stays well with the other pegs). I'm willing to sell the three together (35€), but I'm open to sell individually too (in that case, 14€ for each one). I prefer to ship within Europe. Ask me for the shipping quote.
2 år sedan
♥♥She's so cute in person! Hopefully I can get more figures of her in the coming months!♥♥
2 år sedan
Manon1986I'm selling, contact me when you have interest.

Are u still selling it?
9 år sedan
I'm selling, contact me when you have interest.
10 år sedan
too bad there are counterfeits of this one.
11 år sedan
PVC anime figure store.


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