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Second hand waifus deserve a second chance at laifu!

Shingeki no Bahamut - Dark Angel Olivia - 1/8 (Kotobukiya)

Shingeki no Bahamut - Dark Angel Olivia - 1/8 (Kotobukiya)
Skala & Dimensioner
1/8  H=290mm (11.31in, 1:1=2.32m)
12/06/2014 As Exclusive
07/27/2014 As Limited + Exclusive
07/10/2014 As Limited + Exclusive
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Height without horns: 240 mm.

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kettenkrad (3 år sedan) #2199082When the Blue version is announced I'm sure people will still complain :v

People here never run out of things to complain about -_-
3 år sedan
AkariShinju (3 år sedan) #2211352My opinion is that people here are always complaining about something. It's kind of annoying when you see a figure and more than 50% of the comments about it are complaints. I think I'm allowed to state my opinion about that, right?
People are giving their opinions, either positive or negative ones. By stating that you find negative opinions annoying, you are not respecting how those people feel. So what if someone doesn’t like the figure? They have the right to not like it, it's only a personal taste, and if you're affected by it, then you should probably work on yourself more. If you like the figure, I invite you to leave a positive comment, but don't bash those who does not share your thoughts as they have the same rights as you.
3 år sedan
Recent Comments
Looking to buy her in EU/France, mp me if you have her with price =)
2 dagar sedan
Butcher ISTP
Selling her in the US. Figure in excellent condition, kept in glass display case away from the sun. Selling it without box and insured.
3 dagar sedan
Tomoe neL killed my wallet
Selling her for $125 now, shipping from CA, USA OBO. Not really willing to ship international for her unless you're ready to pay 50$+ USD for her shipping and insurance on her.
24 dagar sedan
Can someone who owned this tell me if their figure have the phrase “Made in China” under their base?
1 månad sedan
Looking to buy this for a decent price
2 månader sedan
Tomoe neL killed my wallet
Sad to see this beautiful girl go, but selling her used like new (I was her first owner, and a proud one at that) for $170 free shipping in the USA or even cheaper if you'd like to organize a pick-up in the Bay Area, california. She's only been displayed and cared for with great love. Just wanted to invest that space and money into other figurines.
7 månader sedan
I have the 2 versions of Olivia and I like both. But I must admit that this one is more impressive because of the her shining and more vivid colors.
8 månader sedan
I like this one more.
11 månader sedan
She is worth the money, shelf/surface space, and value to be in anyone's collection.

I never got the original Dark Angel Olivia, but this newer second version variant has become another most favorite in my figure collection. She is tall and huge for a 1/8 scale figure, as in any Rage of Bahamut figures. They're large in size for 1/8 scale similar in size or identical to a 1/7 figure. The lovely long pinkish twin tails and vibrant colors is a head turner, she is a permanent keeper for sure. Though, she was pretty difficult to assemble, the only hard part was placing her wings!

Worth every penny! I recommend her and especially to those who loves the color red.
1 år sedan
I have a question for any long-time owners of this figure. Has anyone experienced issues similar to those reported on the original version?

I'm referring to the whole glued to base situation that has caused leaning for some people and others where the figure has come completely off the base. I'm looking to hunt Olivia as a Christmas present and this is a pretty big sticking point for me so far.

1 år sedan
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