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  • Selling it and all from this list: LIST #69991.

    New and sealed in box. Price is 4000 yen, PP fees are on me.
    Shipping from my country to the USA or Europe is approximately 2000 yen by registered air small packet. Please PM me for an exact quote, other shipping methods, or if you are from other parts of the world.
    1 år sedan
    I didn't realize I owned this as a kid...it was part of my Pikachu collection of plushies that I let go last year. I MIGHT have kept him but had ripped the voice box out long ago because my mom washed him and he wasn't as snuggable with it.WHOOPS lol.
    1 år sedan
    3 år sedan
    My cousin gave this to me a couple years back, and it sounds like a demonic ghost when its on and randomly turns on, scares the heck out of me.
    3 år sedan
    I left the batteries in it for too long and they leaked out and it no longer works ;-;
    4 år sedan
    Amenya5 år sedan#2792759Mine finally died a year ago, and no longer works even with replacement batteries. QQ
    I'm sorry for your loss. ;w; Mine is luckily still alive.
    5 år sedan
    Mine finally died a year ago, and no longer works even with replacement batteries. QQ
    5 år sedan
    Chidoru Selling some figures!
    On my first day of kindergarten, I brought him to class with me. My mom took a picture of me holding him out in front of the school, haha. Thinking back, I wonder when he got thrown away.. He was my absolute favorite toy. :(
    5 år sedan
    I had no idea this little dude was on mfc! He was a Christmas present to me in 2000. I still have him on my bed! I keep meaning to give him batteries to see if he still makes the noises...
    5 år sedan
    A friend of mine got me this in highschool. I always thought it was kinda creepy. (The pikachu not the friend) I found him recently and he is in very good condition, and still makes all the noises if you shake/squeeze him. Still a little creepy.
    7 år sedan
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