Saint Seiya - Gemini Saga - HQS - 1/6 - Saga Des Gémeaux (Tsume)Saint Seiya - Gemini Saga - HQS - 1/6 - Saga Des Gémeaux (Tsume)¥ Köp¥ Köp

Saint Seiya - Gemini Saga - HQS - 1/6 - Saga Des Gémeaux (Tsume)
Skala & Dimensioner
1/6  H=365mm (14.24in, 1:1=2.19m)
11/18/2013 As Limited + Exclusive
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Comes with limited serial metal plate. Limited to 600 pieces.


I will pay as much as needed for this one,if you sell it send me a PM.Available ,also, for a hand delivery in france/belgium
6 månader sedan
Hi everyone, I am in the United States and I am looking for Tsume Saga for a while. If anyone would like to sell this statue, please do not hesitate to PM me. FB link is for convenience. Thanks.
6 månader sedan
CaptainDuck1 år sedan#50727972Considering selling my copy.
PM me if you're interested.

Still up?
1 år sedan
1 år sedan
Anyone selling their HQS Saga?
1 år sedan
GTOunet4 år sedan#11510353Selling mine : SALE #103205

Dude your prices are so fucking stupid lol, for every piece you have.
4 år sedan
Selling mine : SALE #103205
4 år sedan
I have HQS Sakura, HQS Naruto and HQS Itachi up for sale. PM with offers.

Oh, and I also have HQS Gemini Saga.


You can see photos and a list of what collectibles I have to sell there. I have other Naruto stuff, WDCC, Persona/Bleach 1/8s and a few popular figures. Oh, and artwork!

Everything is mint with box except G.E.M Kakashi, Alter Kongiku and Alpha X Omega Harribel. They all have their boxes but there are some trace scratches on the back of Kakashi's flak jacket, Kongiku's lamp needs re-affixing to the hook and the cross-guard on Harribel's sword has a clean snap on one side. Would just like to point out that visitors are responsible for this damage!
4 år sedan
amazing !! wonderful !!
4 år sedan
Would love to purchase let me know if you've got one for sale thanks :)
4 år sedan
Second hand waifus deserve a second chance at laifu!


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