Death Note - Yagami Light - Real Action Heroes - 331 - 1/6 (Medicom Toy)Death Note - Yagami Light - Real Action Heroes - 331 - 1/6 (Medicom Toy)¥ Köp¥ Köp

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Death Note - Yagami Light - Real Action Heroes - 331 - 1/6 (Medicom Toy)
Skala & Dimensioner
1/6  H=300mm (11.7in, 1:1=1.8m)
08/2007 As Standard
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In stock @ Solaris Japan (¥49,692)

Brand New for ¥49,692
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Pre Owned for ¥45,482
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Official new item , shipped worldwide from Japan
Squidssiah Messiah of Squids
Amiami has an A/B one for 20,980 Yen:
1 månad sedan
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3 månader sedan
Looking to purchase one. Please message me
7 månader sedan
Brought one with a broken leg joint for 50 aud
11 månader sedan
any newer rah that use this same body? i need a replacement that wont rot
1 år sedan
Death Note - L Medicom $378

*Prefer to bundle Misa and Light together
Amane Misa - Real Action Heroes - 337
Yagami Light - Real Action Heroes - 331 - 1/6
1 år sedan
This figure is one of my favorite figures that I owne. Death note is my favorite anime series of all the time. And Light Yagmi is my favorite character in the whole world. So when I noticed that This figure exsited it was I given that I had to get him. But there are thinks you have to consider before you buy him.

I bought him from a seller on ebey brand new for a quite good price. he is autentic. I paid around 296,45$ for him with shipping. so he was expensive but I really really wanted him. and after loking around for him for a while I noticed that I probalbly could not find him for any cheaper price then that so I bought him.

And I am glad that I did because he Is absolutly stunning. And when I see how mutch he gose for now. I know that I did the right choice when Bought him in april this year.

But their is down side to this figure. The joint's are fragile and easy to Brake. I bought a brand new one It was selad and everything but when I opend him and was trying to pose him for display. both Of his arm joint's broke. Fortunately it was esay to fix with glue. And now he is on disaply in my room and is loking absolutly gorgeous. But I can't pose him or change his hands like you are suposed to be able to do.

At first I thought that the seller had tricked me and that the figure was a used one. But after reading som coments on this figure I got to know that the figure joint's got fragile after a few years and therefore where easy to break. So I think that's why mine broke so easily. the figure got pruduced a long time ago so the joint's have crumbled over the years.

So if you are intrested to buy this figure it's better to look for a good price for it. then to look if it's a new or pre owned one. If you finde a pre owned one with a broken Joint that otherwise Is in good condition for a cheaper price then a new one. It is better to buy the pre owned one. Because like I said before. it easy to fix a broken joint with glue.and even if you buy a new one It is a bigg chance that the figure will break either way.
But other then that I deaply recommend getting this figure. It's a great figure to add to your collection. And even tough I have had trouble with it I absolutely love it and I don't regret getting It.
1 år sedan
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