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Kakichoco - Natsushiro Takaaki - Panaman - Reol - S!N - Soraru - Vivienne - Yairi - Vocaloid - Daydream QuestioN? (YIR Records)


S!N (シン) is an utaite who started in July 2010 with a cover of "E? Aa, Sou.".

S!N has a deep, rich, smooth, and laid-back voice, which is often described as ikemen. However, he often doesn't sing seriously, including randomly changing his voice and pitch during a song to the extent that viewers tag his videos with "wasting his ikemen voice" (イケボの無駄遣い), such as in his cover of "Tokyo Teddy Bear". He labels these covers as "virgin-like".

S!N has covered many popular songs, however, he is noted to have also sung songs of a variety of genres, ranging from ballads, to rock, to up-beat songs, to rap.

In ballads such as "Sayoko" or "Kimi he", he shows his calm and cool voice. His voice would also fit well with rock songs, by making his voice rougher, like to be seen in "magenta".

S!N also raps frequently, first starting with a cover of "E? Aa, Sou." using Alilem's rap lyrics, and later on also doing so called "rap-ish" covers, such as his "Panda Hero", writing his own lyrics.

S!N also often collaborates with other utaite, most frequently with Kuso Manjuu and the members of Fantajii (ふぁんた爺), HAL, Funi (Imouto), Che*L, Galyu, Shouta, Stungun. Fantajii's covers often include humorous dialogues. They've also released a collaboration album together, Fa. S!N has also collaborated with DC, forming the collaboration unit D!NC. They've performed live on stage together and have done duets in some album only songs.
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