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Renkin 3-kyuu Magical? Pokaan - Pachira - 1/7 (Max Factory)Renkin 3-kyuu Magical? Pokaan - Pachira - 1/8 (densin-bang!)Renkin 3-kyuu Magical? Pokaan - Pachira (Akai Kutsu Club)




Pachira is seen during the course of the anime as a vampire with two small bats riding on her hair ribbons. While she displays the common weakness of vampires such as a weakness to garlic and holy water, her biggest weakness (at least in her mind) is her small breast size which she hopes to have expanded whatever way possible. She has the ability to fly by sprouting wings, extends her pink fingernails into claws, and is seen eating regular food as well as having a vampire's lust for drinking blood (although she mainly drinks tomato juice). She turns to ash in sunlight, but it is not fatal as noted in the prologue of episode one. Pachira wears a long coat and cardboard box over her head whenever she goes out. When she goes to the beach, Pachira wears a heavy coat of sunscreen to prevent her from becoming ashes. Though Pachira wouldn't show up on any camera due to her not casting a reflection, she can be seen on a thermographic camera.

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