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Enomoto Takane
榎本 貴音


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Age: 19
Height: 640 pixels
Weight: 2MB
Blood type: AB
Songs: Jinzou Enemy, Headphone Actor, Ene no Dennou Kikou, Yuukei Yesterday

Voiced by Asumi Kana in Mekaku City Days narrations and novel promotional videos.

A naive cyber girl who lives in Shintaro’s computer. She can possibly invade anything that uses electricity and gives her all in doing things that Shintaro hates.

View spoilerHide spoilerWas once a human named Takane, but lost her body in a certain experiment. She now possesses the power of immortality from her “opening eyes” ability. As a human, she had a disease which caused her to lose consciousness for no reason at random times.
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