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Satellizer el Bridget
Satellizer el Bridget
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The Untouchable Queen


Freezing Vibration - Satellizer el Bridget - 1/4.5 - Suntanned Ver. (A+)Freezing - Satellizer el Bridget - B-style - 1/4 - Sexy Ver. (FREEing)Freezing - Satellizer el Bridget - 1/8 - Damage ver. (FREEing)Freezing Vibration - Satellizer el Bridget - 1/6 - AniCos ver. ,Pure White (Orca Toys)Freezing Vibration - Satellizer el Bridget - 1/6 - AniCos, Sakurairo/ Cherry color  ver. (Orca Toys)Freezing Vibration - Satellizer el Bridget - 1/4.5 - Holiday Ver. (A+)Freezing - Satellizer el Bridget - Staind Series - 1/10 (Media Factory)Freezing Vibration - Satellizer el Bridget - 1/6 - AniCos (Orca Toys)Freezing Vibration - Satellizer el Bridget - 1/6 - ver. Bondage White Edition (Orca Toys)




The main heroine and number one ranked second year student until Kazuya's interference during a tournament at the start of the story causes her to be demoted to rank two. Having been abused by her half-brother throughout most of her childhood, she developed an intense aphephobia. She is feared by most students due to her ruthless actions against her opponents and anyone who touches her. After an incident at East Genetics, in which she attacked a Limiter who wanted to be her partner and other Pandoras, she was suspended for a year and nicknamed the "Untouchable Queen", transferring into West Genetics thereafter. Curiously, she does not go berserk when touched by Kazuya and after some time denying his company she accepts him as her Limiter. Despite her reputation and ruthlessness during battle, she has a quiet and reserved nature. After dealing with her past, she no longer reacts with aggression when people besides Kazuya come in contact with her.

Her name is usually shortened to Satella. In a flashback, her parents are revealed to be the head of the infamous el Bridget family and his mistress, Noelle Allouache. Her mother was very sickly and in order not to worsen their situation she was forced to endure her half-brother's, Louis', abuse until her half-sister Violet found out and moved her away for her own safety. At her mother's deathbed, her mother tells her to never lose and to become stronger than anyone. Her memories become her driving force in life resulting in her severe determination and will. Despite her low synchronization rate with stigmas, she was implanted with six of Kazuha's stigmas before her enrollment into Genetics because of her family's influence.

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