Furutani Kaede
Furutani Kaede
Original name
古谷 楓





Himawari's younger 6 year old sister. Her name means "maple," fitting the theme of the Oomuro and Furutani families all being named after flowers. She is shown to sometimes play with Funami Mari. Everyone who comes across her finds her to be an incredibly sweet and pure girl. Ikeda Chizuru even vowed to herself to smile more, thanks to meeting her. This leads to Kaede meeting her elder twin sister Chitose while walking one day, and being "shocked at how quickly people can change," much to Chitose and Ayano's confusion.

She and Himawari are also incredibly close sisters, and Himawari loves her dearly. She spoils her sometimes and they never fight. Sakurako is sometimes jealous of this, wishing her own sisters could be less strict sometimes, and she was quite literally blinded by their sisterly love once. Indeed, all the Oomuro sisters are very fond of her as well (though Sakurako can get irritated at the innocent jabs at her chest that Kaede does, but she always forgives her and never does anything, thanks to her age and knowing she does not mean anything by it).
Bringing the hobby to your door.

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