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Ougon Kishi GaroOugon Kishi Garo

Ougon Kishi Garo
Ougon Kishi Garo
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Garo the Golden Knight





The various holders of the title Garo the Golden Knight (黄金騎士・牙狼(ガロ) Ōgon Kishi Garo?)[a] are the main characters of the franchise, armed with the Garoken (牙狼剣 Garōken, Fanged Wolf Sword) blade. The Garo title, based on the word for "hope" in the old Makai language, has been traditionally associated with the Saezima family.

For reasons unknown, the man who takes the title of Garo is regarded to be the strongest Knight, widely known throughout the Makai community. This is however, not a formal ranking in itself and no preferential treatment is given to the said Knight, as evident with Kouga in Garo: Makai Senki who was in service for years before being promoted to be a Knight serving under the Senate. Regardless, the title nonetheless commands respect and even awe among the Knights, so much so that the symbols of Garo itself, a golden circle containing a red triangle and the use of a red scabbard, are instantly recognized by any Knight or Priest. Even various Horrors, who are either ancient or notorious enough to be documented, also show knowledge of the Golden Knight's existence as well. The prestige that comes with the title means that the Makai community generally has high expectations for the one bearing the title of Garo, and as such often summoned whenever unusually powerful Horrors or those of legendary status appear.
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