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Mitsuki KaoruMitsuki Kaoru

Mitsuki Kaoru
Mitsuki Kaoru
Original name
御月 カオル


Garo - Mitsuki Kaoru - Ougon Kishi Garo - Saejima Kouga - Equip and Prop - 7 - Tsubasabito ver. (Bandai)




Kaoru Mitsuki (御月 カオル) is the narrator and the female protagonist of the series. She is a twenty-two year-old aspiring artist who's always having trouble making money. Kouga spared her life after she was splashed with Angry's blood, claiming he did so to use her as bait. He secretly tries to find a way to cure her, rather than killing her. Because of the Horror blood that stained her, she attracts Horrors constantly; she doesn't know she's being pursued half the time because Kouga does his best to withhold the truth and quietly deal with the Horrors that approach her. Kaoru eventually was evicted from her house and temporarily freeloaded at Asami's place. After Kaoru's bad cooking gave Asami food poisoning, she moved into Kouga's home. She literally took Kouga's words of staying close as an excuse to move in. Kouga wanted her to at least earn her keep, but her cooking was so horrible that Gonza became ill. Her mother is Karin Mitsuki (御月 かりん).

Kaoru has feelings for Kouga as well, but was devastated when she found out Kouga used her as Horror bait, even though Kouga actually never did it until the occasion where she found it out. Kaoru always seem to manage to involve herself with a Horror all on her own, and that's why Kouga always says she's an unlucky woman. For her protection, Kouga placed a special ring created by Zaruba in one of her fingers, allowing him to always locate Kaoru's position when necessary and be alerted if a Horror is close to her, though she forced Zaruba to take it back when the truth came out. Eventually, Kouga managed to save Kaoru's life with the Barankas fruit.

Later it is revealed Kaoru and her father have been involved with Horrors and Garo since her childhood. Her father, Yuji Mitsuki (御月 由児), was a famous artist who created a children's picture book, in which the hero is a golden knight that reflects his experience when he was saved by Taiga, but the last page was left blank. Kaoru herself was chosen out of six girls by Barago as the medium to summon Messiah and serve as her host in the human world.

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