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3 minuter sedanu-miu-mi
ahh i relate so much!
i did have some bg info on tkrb but never played it and only watched hanamaru + katsugeki
but after hanamaru kashuu is now my #1 and i never thought i'd even have a #1 ;__;

yasusada looks so cute <3 thank you for the review!
5 minuter sedanStacycmcStacycmc
Mekuneko (3 timmar sedan) #27465594Note, sadly imgur links don't work well on this site (if you don't open the url manually you'll only see an address).
Otherwise looks cool and grats for getting them. :)

Ack! Had no shows the images for me on my pc and laptop just fine (I.e. In the blog so you don't have to click anything), but I'm on my phone right now, and ur's just showing url's that aren't even clickable... I'm assuming that's what ur seeing too? If so, are u on ur phone also by chance? Thanks for letting me know either way... boo! :-)
9 minuter sedanriiyariiya
Nice thanks!
15 minuter sedanNehcourNehcour
Thanks!The_ANS (5 timmar sedan) #27463082Awesome!
24 minuter sedanneyney
Thank you it’s fixed
27 minuter sedanEl_BastardoEl_Bastardo
Hot damn!
Emphasis is on hot... and damn!

I don't even know why she looks like that (does that have relevance to any source material?) but I like it.

I have so many "innocent looking" variants of her this is like a fresh spring breeze into my shelves.

Falter (8 timmar sedan) #27459203Looking at the images from Ameblo (...)

Please include a link to whatever you are talking about next time so that everyone can be on the same page ^_-
29 minuter sedanchobittsuchobittsu
akarin (3 timmar sedan) #27464923In Kyushu! No where close to Akiba haha
Is that Fukuoka or Kokura?
33 minuter sedanOyyxonroOyyxonro
Has anyone ordered something from Italian store called ""

Are they legit? I could not find any reviews about this store online.
They also sell their products on E-bay under the same name.
38 minuter sedanjen_tsukasejen_tsukase
Ch3rrychi (3 månader sedan) #22616762Selling her.
Shipping within the EU, Germany preferred.

Immer noch aktuell? :)
44 minuter sedanRemiKoRemiKo
Siliandra (5 timmar sedan) #27462740Czekam na moją~! Nie mogę się doczekać kiedy dopłynie ^^

Zdecydowanie jest to obecnie najlepsza figurka Kurumi na rynku.

sunset93 (4 timmar sedan) #27464471Jest boska :D warto było wydać tyle hajsu^^

Ja się cały czas zastanawiam, czy nie zamówić sobie jeszcze jednej, bo tak mi się podoba ^^
Tę drugą wstawiłbym sobie do gabloty w salonie :)

BTW. Gratuluję zdjęcia na głównej. Jak tylko odpalam mfc, to mam banan na twarzy :) Świetnie umila stronę główną :)
44 minuter sedanmotaku96motaku96
meib (12 timmar sedan) #27453462right she looks elegant and sexy. I love these style of dresses. Black and gold is a very sexy combination. The castoff lewd extras are unnecessary.

Well it's necessary for me :p
I like her in both forms. And since it's extra and we can mix and match, all the better.
58 minuter sedanReianna_TrancyReianna_Trancy
just found out my first figure was a bootleg T_T
1 timme sedanThe_ANSThe_ANS
Aki-kun is not needed now.
1 timme sedanloveanimeloveanime
Shadow-Link (3 månader sedan) #23047801Damn it! Why do I keep running into awesome figures like this? I don't know the character or where it is from but I must have this figure! This problem is getting more and more frequent. Anyone else having the same issue? :P
I have been having this problem more than a thousand times :-)
1 timme sedanotaku4lifeotaku4life
Giving up my PO due to change in income. US buyers only!
1 timme sedan (1 timme sedan)temp112233temp112233
Does anyone knows if this is part of the design or it is actually broken? I received it brand new like this yesterday.

[ext link ]

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