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  • Hi ! I would like to join please ^^
    5 dagar sedan
    I would like to join
    18 dagar sedan
    I would like to join your club
    20 dagar sedan
    I would like to join! If anything, I have at least a couple hundred ロリ同人誌 in my digital collection.
    1 månad sedan
    Do I qualify
    1 månad sedan
    Please, let this loli lover join this loli club too (:3)
    1 månad sedan
    I'd like to join. Trying to get back into figure collecting, and this group looks like it'd be a nice fit.
    1 månad sedan
    new to figures, but would really love to join!
    1 månad sedan
    Looking to join, didnt even know this was a thing until I was searching up some of my fav charecters!
    1 månad sedan
    Hi, I love loli characters and figures, would love to join. Thank you.
    1 månad sedan
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