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Just want to say that the character page of "Aconite" created by me is deleted. Due to some sudden issues I have been quite busy in these few days, and so I don't have time to create a new entry related to her. She has quite a number of official and doujin goods, and I am planning to add them all within this month. So...if you don't mind, please also recover her character page.
Sorry for the troubles I have caused! :(
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I highly recommend to buy any figure from Taito. Even though the figures are "prize figures", I still think that the quality is really high and they look great. Take a look :
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Hi! Am new here, may i know who can i speak to regarding becoming a partner store on MFC or getting listed as a store in MFC? I have emailed the owners of this site but i have not gotten any response. Thank you very much :)
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mfc should make an app
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Hi all
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Are there any articles about this anime: Nobunaga-sensei no Osanazuma?
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Moises9183 månader sedan#77857799Does anyone know who she is?
Sorry if used this incorrectly never posted on here before.

Looks like a figurine based off of this twitter user's artwork. Call of Cthulhu is a game based of Lovecraft's books, I don't think she's from an actual anime but I could be wrong. mobile.twitter....
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Does anyone know who she is?
Sorry if used this incorrectly never posted on here before.
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Thank you for letting me know.
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