• Any active members here?
    1 år sedan
    sorry club, I ended up getting the ps4 as my first new gen.... I intend to get a xbone one day when they release a better looking / smaller revision (and when I have money again) for some exclusives. Still have a lot of 360 games to finish though, and I ordered Deus Ex HR Director's Cut for it cause I only had the normal version.
    4 år sedan
    So, any other Spartans here?

    Xbox Live gamer tag: Freezer Burn

    Been playing Halo since CE

    <3 Halo
    4 år sedan
    Same. I bought Borderlands Pre-Sequel and the Season Pass for 360 but never started on it. Fast-forward a while, and now the Handsome Collection comes out with both BL2 and Pre-Sequel and all the DLC.
    5 år sedan
    WindsorSeven SHSL Vegone
    I haven't been excited for any new games lately :\. What's even coming out anymore?
    5 år sedan
    Who else is revved for Mortal Kombat X tomorrow?
    5 år sedan
    Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires just came out.

    So Goddamn hype.

    5 år sedan
    Very minor update: Un-stickied some of the less important, less active stickies in the forum.

    XBOX and Bing Rewards Program: Don't even really know that this still is a thing, but we don't seem to be updating it in any case.

    The new "XBOX ONE"! Discuss!: It's really not new, and really not worth discussing.

    Community play dates: Because let's face it, we're all antisocial as hell.
    5 år sedan
    WindsorSeven5 år sedan#2591283You're not alone, I've done that as well orz. In my experience the Xbox was fine, so hopefully yours is too!
    Hahah thanks, I feel less silly xD yeah I hope! I think it'll be fixed tomorrow, I just hope it works when I connect it and turn it on! (the tension -.-)
    5 år sedan
    It's good you are finishing the games. I never finish games anymore I always just drop whatever I'm playing when a new game comes out and never go back to it. It's such a bad habit
    5 år sedan
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