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    Hi, this is my vampire.
    1 år sedan
    Asako Om nom nom
    picture/558463&... here's some vampires.
    7 år sedan
    I would like to figure manga Vampire Knight... Especially in two different instances.
    View spoilerHide spoilerWell... first figure, I would like to Kuran Kaname in the form of the Night Class. And also in his everyday clothes (who reads manga, he understood me).
    I love Kaname. My favorite manga character. ♥ _ ♥
    Kiryu Zero also would not hurt for the collection... Actually the same thing, only in the form of the Day Class and the clothes that are now in the manga.
    And finally, Cross Yuki. I would like to with a removable head, where his hair long and short.
    Phew... I wrote here. Straight whole poem.)

    -Mod edit to remove spoiler-
    7 år sedan
    i wish someone would make a proper alucard figure sometime.. the only really good alucard figures so far are GK nendoroid petits...
    8 år sedan
    Great idea! ^^ I like vampires. :D
    9 år sedan
    There, everyone is a mod. Start linking everyone :) I don't know ALL the vampires of course ^^
    9 år sedan
    LunarjasminGreat idea for the club =3
    Join'd ^^

    Thanks ^___^
    9 år sedan
    Great idea for the club =3
    Join'd ^^
    9 år sedan
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