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Mellow ☆ Mellow Akira-sama
Zetsubo-sanZetsubo-san10 år sedan
Join if you love the irresistible Mellow tone of one of the most prolific Seiyuus of all time, Ishida Akira-sama!

More info about him here:
Wikipedia en.wikipedia.or...
Anime News Network www.animenewsne...


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OMG HE HAS A CLUB? Count me in. I love Athrun, Hakkai and Zura.
9 år sedan
Zetsubo-san I LOVE HUMANS!!! (or do I? XD)
Welcome to the club! Yes, Cho Hakkai was one of my favorites. He's so cool and his dragon is cute. ^_^

Welcome to the club!
Same here! Most of my favorites were voiced by Kamiya, Ono and Ishida Akira-sama. :3
10 år sedan
Kibi Prisma Kibino
Aww Zetsubo-san, you're a genius!

It's funny most of my favourite characters are voiced by Ishida ^^
10 år sedan
me I know this voice of GSD, Saiyuki (one of my favorite anime)
and with Gintama is so fun !
10 år sedan
Zetsubo-san I LOVE HUMANS!!! (or do I? XD)
Welcome to the club, Mikaru and Minmay64! ^_^
Akira-sama is one of the Seiyuus that deserve a fanclub here in Tsuki-Board.

I wish there'd be a club for Daisuke Ono. I won't be able to establish one myself but I'd love to join. :D
10 år sedan
♥ Yay Akira-sama LOVE ♥

I especially love his roles as Katsura (Gintama), Rizvan (Haruka 3), Hanbei (Basara), Xellos (Slayers), Kuja (FF9) and ... Fish Eye (Sailor Moon SS) ^^
10 år sedan
Zetsubo-san I LOVE HUMANS!!! (or do I? XD)
Actually, it's the guy from Star Driver (the next anime that I watched after Sengoku Basara Ni) that led me to making this club. Head was it? :3

But he's not worthy enough to be the Club Logo. XD


To link...
Athrun Zala - Done
Coud van Garet - Done
Kaito Kiriya - Done
Katsura Kotarou
Luke Skywalker - Done
Judeau - Done
Nagisa Kaworu
Rizvan - Done
Shujinko (P3) - Done
Takenaka Hanbei - Done
Trance Kuja - Done
10 år sedan