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RKasaRKasa10 år sedan
A club dedicated to displaying and storing figures (and the packaging that that they come in)... because every great figure should have a great home!

Questions and answers, tips, recommendations, photos, and just general chat related to the display, organization, and/or storage of figures are welcome.
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Can someone give me the dimensions of the glass used on the shelving? I'm replacing them with acrylic when I get my detolf, so I want to get the cutting done for it ASAP.

Thanks in advance!
6 år sedan
Hello everyone. It seems like the last response was 7 months ago but I hope this place might have some good traffic. I have a detolf that I would love to assemble, just currently I lack the space. I am making due with four 19x19x6.5 Ikea Jarna media cases. They are sturdy, with sliding glass doors and can be hung from the wall if so desired. Sadly I think they have been discontinued. I can fit around 8 - 1/8 to 1/6 figures per case if I arrange them just right. They are rather on the thin side so some of my figures with large bases or overall diameters are still in storage. Finally, they tend to be a bit dark. My question would be if anyone would happen to have an idea on how to get some light in one of these? thanks.
6 år sedan
I'm hoping someone could give me some advice, which would be better for a diorama of a weapon/equipment wall/locker room, and a diorama of a metal hallway; Mechanical Chain Bases or H Hangers?
7 år sedan
RKasa Deal Hunter ( =₃=)*
I got the latest IKEA catalog today! In it, this item caught my attention - www.ikea.com/us...

It's a mini-greenhouse, but it looks like it might make a great little figure case. The floor is ridged, but I don't see that being a huge problem (one can always cut a piece of board to cover it up).
8 år sedan
Asako Om nom nom

Last pic of my current display setup before I get a new case and thin some of these a little (and have room for my preorders and upcoming figures).
8 år sedan
sillyker0nian アメージングコレクター
Just put up a new forum topic c:
9 år sedan
RKasa Deal Hunter ( =₃=)*
Well, the main problem is that most of the lights specific to Besta require holes to be drilled in the cases. I can't do this for various reasons :/

Some of the add-ons I included were mirrored shelf inserts, and the solution I want to try involves sticking some sort of white paper on the ceilings of the cases, so that there can be more light reflected inside rather than darkness. I also might look into battery operated touch lights, like the ones in our closets.
9 år sedan
Would having a set of Dioder lights (the long ones) per column work? So a Dioder light per shelf? Would be a bit costly but the light from the LED's are softish compared to conventional lights, and so you wouldn't have harsh reflections.

Unless of course your lighting problem is something else entirely lol.
9 år sedan
RKasa Deal Hunter ( =₃=)*
Sorry I haven't been around here lately, but I'm glad to see some ongoing conversation! Going to add everyone's photos now.

I got a couple of new display cases (Ikea Besta cases with some add-ons) myself over the summer, but have been procrastinating about actually filling them up with figures ^^; There's also a lighting/reflection issue I have to work around, since the cases themselves are dark; I have an idea for taking care of it, but haven't tried it out yet. At any rate, I hope to be done and have photos up soon.
9 år sedan
Here's a photo of my current collection and figure space as of tonight... PICTURE #271504 Just two solemn Detolf cabinets :) Although I imagine that I would need another one by the end of the year!

I managed to get those acrylic risers on eBay. They're pretty good. Most handy in organising space and making sure figures don't get hidden away behind others. Got the idea from you Asako ;)
9 år sedan