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nuo2x2nuo2x210 år sedan
A regional club for Indonesian collector, here in Tsuki-Board!!

It just a club for all Indonesian everywhere to get to know each other, talk 'bout our collections and show the world that we, Indonesian, also LOOOVE to collect figures ^^

generally, everyone's welcome here!!

so, please use English more often in our conversations

have fun around guys
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Kommentarer333 kommentarer

btw, a simple roll-call, just wanna know who still actively using this amazing site?

just reply here please, so we know you still around

ps: I'm still around for sure!!
1 månad sedan
welcome guys!!
welp, since a lot of our members might not be around anymore, this group seems to be a bit deserted nowadays...

as far as I know, this is the only Indonesian club in TsukiBoard
1 månad sedan
Hi... I'm new member here... I'm from Indonesia and I love anime idol figures
1 år sedan
Salam kenal Agan-agan, ane member baru..
Btw ada grup selain ini gak?
2 år sedan
Hello, I am a collector of action figures crows x worst from Indonesia .. nice to meet you
3 år sedan
it's seems this group is barely active :(
3 år sedan
hello everyone
i'm new here, nice to see u all :)
3 år sedan
Halo semua :P
4 år sedan
sepi ya disini
4 år sedan
halo.. salam kenal :)
5 år sedan
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