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Horned & Pointy-Eared Girls
rachel17rachel171 år sedan
Welcome! This is a club celebrating female characters with horns and/or pointy ears.

Recommendations are welcome! We accept characters with either or both of these features. Please only recommend solo merch where said character’s horns/pointy ears are visible. SFW only please!

We accept all character recommendations unless the feature is always hidden (by hair/magic/etc).

No loli/cons or incest shippers.

Also if anyone’s interested in being an admin lmk cuz I’m not really active in clubs anymore
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Rgomez11 månader sedan#69252953hi can i get an invite?
Sure thing! Welcome!
11 månader sedan
hi can i get an invite?
11 månader sedan
cute11 månader sedan#68680762ENTRY #146500 !! ♡
11 månader sedan
cute _(」∠ 、ン、)_
11 månader sedan
CarlyElric1 år sedan#67273534Can I get an invite too?
1 år sedan
Can I get an invite too?
1 år sedan
Irishscothking1 år sedan#67094880Can I get an invite? Woo!
1 år sedan
Can I get an invite? Woo!
1 år sedan
Tisbis1 år sedan#66682440Can I join? I LOVE horns :)
sure thing! i just sent ur invite
1 år sedan
Can I join? I LOVE horns :)
1 år sedan
Second hand waifus deserve a second chance at laifu!



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