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YoakeYoake4 år sedan
Welcome to the Robin Hood Fan Club!
We're a collection of people who love and admire Robin Hood, or Green Archer, from the Fate universe. Why Robin? Because he is the best bird. He's snarky, cute, and apparently can communicate with faeries. He likes to farm, cook, and flirt with girls but is too timid and nice to actually be a lady killer.

Robin is just one of the many Robin Hoods in the world. Our Robin was a son of druids who lived on the outskirts of the village he protects later in life. He was shunned by the villagers a bit because he could talk to faeries as a child. Still, he protects that same village from a tyrant and his soldiers. His specialties are setting traps, poisons, and well, archery. He can also fight using a dagger.

He put up a one-man fight for two years before he was killed, dying where his last arrow fell.

If you want to read more about him, you can here:

What's this club for, you ask? To gather fanbirds together so we can share and bask in our common love of Robin. This is a place to share artworks, stories, translations, scans, cosplays, and whatever else you want. Do you want to show off your shrine? Go right ahead! Want to link some doujinshi? Do it! Do you want to show off some Robin themed arts and crafts? Awesome!

Are there rules? Yeah, a few.
*Source any and all artworks or images that are not yours. This includes but isn't limited to fan art, fan fiction, cosplay, shrines or item images that are not yours, doujinshi scans.
*Please do not start drama over who is a bigger fan/more devoted. It's silly. We all are here to show our love for Robin.
*When you post links to stories, doujinshi, Pixiv, etc. please mention if it contains R-18/NSFW content. Same with things that others might be sensitive to, like guro or torture/death.
*Don't post too much information about your F/GO account on here, and don't post excessive screencaps of things like your servant/CE inventory. Accounts have been stolen with such information so best be safe. You're okay with posting your friend code and your supports.
*Have fun and enjoy Robin!

My collage strip are made from images found on the Fate/Grand Order wikia and made on PicMonkey.
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Finally got to updating the club, so now it's officially open. Welcome!
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