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K-MuK-Mu10 år sedan
Welcome to every Dragon ball, Dragon ball Z and/or Dragon ball GT fans.

Here you can talk about:

-Video games

...and everything about Dragon Ball Sekai!!!

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Hello, newbie here, just brought my first Master Stars Piece (Banpesto) Super Saiyan Vegetto from Japan, now I want the rest of the crew, Goku & Vegeta.

I see there are a lot of variants between Goku and Vegeta, same models but different colours, and I'm particularly interested in the Manga Dimensions line!
3 år sedan

How does this fact that there is practically no Soul of Hyper figuration on the site?
3 år sedan
where is my android 17 figure scultures
4 år sedan
Have a look at my collection; I have a large amount of DBZ gashapon, action figures, and PVC statues. But most importantly, I am looking for more on my Wish list. ;)
4 år sedan
Hello, I'm new to MFC.
5 år sedan
Hey guys anybody knows anything about these ?
The goku ssj2, majin vegeta etc. ARTFX Zero
I can't find any information on the web except these pictures
5 år sedan
Selling SSJ Vegeta Collector's edition: SALE #55791
PM me if you feel interested~! :D
6 år sedan
HI! i've been looking around the entire internet for a certain set i own, and I can't seem to find any other people selling it. It's the goku daikessen set by banpresto/unifive. If anyone's interested in this rare set, contact me! be warned, I've seen certain ones go for 300 before!
6 år sedan
Hi everyone! Just joined the club. Anyone know if there are going to be any more DBZ characters in the Master Stars Piece line anytime soon?

6 år sedan
Hi everyone ! Does anybody have any news on an incoming Master Stars Piece of Piccolo ?
6 år sedan
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