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Toronto Collectors' Social Club
heoheoheoheo4 år sedan

TCSC's purpose is to connect MFC members who live in Toronto & the GTA - which means it's an exclusive cool-kids'-club.

Let's start talking, meeting, buying and selling locally!

What's going on:

June 24, 2016
We're going to J-Town and Pacific Mall this Saturday, June 25, 2016 at 1:30 PM
Lets meet by the buses at Finch Subway Station.
Please let me know if anyone wants to come so we could wait for you guys at the station.
Hope to see you all there!

June 11, 2016
So we're meeting up on June 25, 2016.
If you want to come, please let us know what you want to do by voting ^.^

May 8, 2016
Hi guys!
Please welcome our two new admins applepi5 and TR-AX!!!
If you've been out to any of the meet-ups, you've likely had the priviledge
of meeting them already. These guys will also be assisting with meet-up plans, so be on the lookout for new posts!
Thanks for volunteering!!!
We know you'll be great at helping the Toronto Collectors' Social Club become even better!!! ( ◜◒◝ )♡

April 30, 2016
☆*・゜゚・*We're recruiting admins!*・゜゚・*☆
If you're interested in applying, please send me a PM with the following info:
1) Why do you want to be an admin?
2) How often do you log into MFC?
3) How often do you visit the Toronto Collector's Social Club Page?
4) Have you ever been an admin on a forum before? (Newbies welcome don't worry!)
5) What part of the GTA are you located in?
6) Are you interested in planning meet-ups?
7) What type of figures do you like to collect? Do you have any grails? (=^▽^=)
We'll be selecting admins over the next few weeks. Looking forward to hearing from you!

*Disclaimer: Each individual member is responsible for their own safety when attending events hosted by this club, meeting or participating in any transaction with other members. Please use your good judgement. (December 12, 2015)
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hi all!
2 månader sedan
KanyeWest6 månader sedan#76886561Dead club, rip

hi kanye west
3 månader sedan
Dead club, rip
6 månader sedan
BrianRevy Youtube.com/BrianRevy
Deng is this club still alive? latest activity I can see is 9 months ago o_O
1 år sedan
yakushining your Highness
willy1562 år sedan#39238843Do people still B/S/T here?

I'm not too sure. It'd be great if they did as I'm planning on selling a few things in the area.
2 år sedan
Do people still B/S/T here?
2 år sedan
anyways can someone nice mod club please? thats not all go food stuff.
2 år sedan
yeah not much to do in toronto anyways exept to go to chick boutique food places though reality that is.
2 år sedan
is there anyone on here that not dead?
2 år sedan
Ursanoire2 år sedan#28151686Hey all,
I'm giving away my entire collection of figures and kits. All said, I have probably between two-three dozen figures. I don't recall the names of them all, and my life is too hectic to get the details.
All figures/kits are of a borderline SFW/NSFW variety. All come AS IS with no factory stock packaging, and you must take my ENTIRE collection off my hands. I don't have time now to give each figure away.
TL:DR Figure Collection FOR FREE, AS IS, ENTIRE COLLECTION. DM me if interested. I'm in Toronto on weekends, Missassauga on weekdays

amazing :OOO
2 år sedan
All Japanese Games, Anime Figures & Trading Cards! Reliable Worldwide Shipping, and World-Class Customer Service!