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Himouto! Umaru-chan fan club
proyectzeroproyectzero4 år sedan
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skii652 år sedan#24915478Abit outdated... but who is hyped for season 2!!
Bringing out my coke and preparing my snacks!
2 år sedan
skii652 år sedan#24915478Abit outdated... but who is hyped for season 2!!
Yesss ┗(^∀^)┛
2 år sedan
Abit outdated... but who is hyped for season 2!!
2 år sedan
Club revivido ^_^
3 år sedan
C2Queen Maji Tenshi ❀
Is there any chance you can add ITEM #384722 to related items? Thank you! It's the cutest calendar out there for 2016 *__* I'm so happy I own it
4 år sedan
Finally a club that does justice!!

Umaru one of the few characters that are cute, but also are somewhat annoying

Besides the few animes I see that all the characters are good, even the minor characters
4 år sedan
TheDeadTexan Perpetual Disappointment
4 år sedan
Thanks for the invite ~
4 år sedan
Hello! After searching for a bit I was finally able to find a page which lists all the Himouto items released during the GSC x Animate Café collaboration (held from September 1, 2015 to September 29, 2015).

The thing is though that my Japanese is still very rusty, and thanks to this I don't feel like I would be able to create all the entries because a lot of information would be missing.
Could anyone more fluent in Japanese perhaps help by adding them to the database? Here is the link: cafe.animate.co...
4 år sedan
missauru4 år sedan#3460436Great club :)
I love Umaru-chan! She is my spirit animal! I need her nendoroid terribly!

Ive got it now and she is soooooo awesome! My fav Nendo!
4 år sedan