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The Trove of Treasure Festa
chobittsuchobittsu5 år sedan
Treasure Festa is a one-day event since 2009 that is held twice a year in the Tokyo Big Sight (Treasure Festa in Ariake) and once a year in Kobe (Treasure Festa in Kobe).
Although not as big as Wonder Festival and not as well known it has its own charm.

Everyone who wants to share their experiences regarding this event is welcome to join this club!
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I guess we should change the name of this club to Characters Festa and add the website www.charafes.ho... ?

I'm a bit sad about it btw, because I really liked the original mascot and also am a bit scared for the future of the event as it changed it's name sort of recently and now does a whole rebranding pretty unexpectedly.
7 månader sedan
Starting from may 2018, the Treasure Festa name will be changed into Treasure Festa Neo.
As a result, the event numbering will be reset as well, so the first is Treasure Festa Neo in Ariake 1.
2 år sedan
I'll be attending Treasure Festa again this year. It's on december 18 this time. Hopefully there will be some nice garage kits to aquire! I can't wait...
3 år sedan

I created this club because I want to pull Treasure Festa a bit out of the shadow of WonFes.
I have not yet attended it, but I intend to do so next december.
It is not as big as WonFes (only 1 hall at the Tokyo Big Sight), but according to the info on the website they are mostly focused on garage kits and dolls. They also seem to have an itasha display and a painting workshop (presumably for garage kits), so I think it is quite worth visiting...
5 år sedan