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SorataSorata9 år sedan
Welcome to DIY CLUB. This is a space for sharing custom or modified figures, dioramas, figure fixes, garage kits etc.
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91 svar • Started by Sorata 8 år sedan
0 svar • Started by demonconfusion 5 månader sedan

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Hi, are there any sculptors here that can make and paint B-style 1/4 replacement ears?
1 månad sedan
I'm not sure exactly how clubs work! But I'm going to try to post actively here!
2 månader sedan
TY for inviting me! :D
6 månader sedan
^ ^ ty for the invite!
7 månader sedan
Thanks for the invite :)
7 månader sedan
redshoot7 månader sedan#122796963it warms my heart seing this club alive years later <3
7 månader sedan
it warms my heart seing this club alive years later <3
7 månader sedan
thank you invite me in this club <3
7 månader sedan
infpbehaivor8 månader sedan#121633968do you guya think making a bust figure out of airdry clay would be possible ? im not looking to make the most perfect figure ever but itd be nice if it dosent suck completely lol

its possible! i've made two figures with model magic before, my advice would be to make a good armature, because air dry clay will sag and droop as it dries, and try to work in segments because some air dry clays don't blend into themselves very well (others do just fine, like some paper clays).
8 månader sedan
can someone give me advice about polymer clay cracking? i sculpt my figures with it but sometimes i end up doing more fixing than actual sculpting because the clay just cracks so much plus i can't carve it. i'm using sculpey premo
8 månader sedan