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Founded as a jukebox repair business in 1969, Konami grew up to become a big video game company, first in the arcades and later in home systems, and then a major holding dealing not only with video games, but also things such as health and fitness, sports and pachinko parlours.

Today the 4th biggest Japanese video game company, Konami has one of the most varied line-ups of renowned franchises: from the stealth action series Metal Gear, to action-adventure series Castlevania and Ganbare Goemon, to survival horror series Silent Hill, to sports series Pro Evolution Soccer and Live Powerful Pro Baseball, to shoot-em-ups series Gradius and TwinBee, to run’n gun series Contra, to RPG series Suikoden, to rythmn games of the Bemani series, to dating sim series Tokimeki Memorial and Love Plus, to visual novels Snatcher and Policenauts, and many, many others.
And as far as figures (the focus of MFC, after all!) go, they also produced the Busou Shinki and Figumate lines.

With those franchises’ impact, the memorable Konami Code, and their innovative character merchandising marketing strategy from the mid-90s to mid-2000s via the Konamilook physical stores and Konamistyle webshop, Konami’s influence on Japanese pop culture is undeniable and is felt even nowadays.

Are you a fan of Konami franchises? If yes, then this club is for you! Please go ahead and discuss! And if you have news about Konami’s new releases (be it video games, figures, or any other kind of merchandise), please do not hesitate sharing them here! -_^

Konami games are filled with unique and exciting characters. Konami characters are your guide to challenging and fascinating adventures.
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Note to all users in general and to MIDNIGHT12 in particular (since I had to delete your comment):

Please, no sale ads on the clubs I've founded, this one included. Use your profile's ad section and lists instead if you want to sell your goods.
Thank you very much for your comprehension.
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Late news is late, but for those interested and who didn't know, Good Smile Company is re-releasing Nendoroid Solid Snake ITEM #198330 !
Pre-orders are open since June 5th; pre-order deadline at Good Smile Online Shop is on July 5th at 12:00 JST.
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Nothing really new under the sun as far as Konami franchises go at this Summer 2017 edition of WonFes, as usual, sadly. T_T

Still, the only stuff announced so far is a big one, by no less than Alter: ITEM #604625 from one of Konami's most recent arcade games, Otacadoll!
Will be curious to see how this one turns out!
1 år sedan
At frikkin' last, someone is doing justice to Konami's older franchises at WonFes!

PLUM is going to release plastic kits of TwinBee (Rainbow Bell Adventures ver.) and Vic Viper (Gradius IV ver.): www.amiami.com/...

I'm especially so glad for the TwinBee franchise (one of my favourites ones from Konami BTW), it's been ages since it got some official merch!
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Now I'm utterly floored. A compiled, digitally remastered (i.e. with background console noise removed) reissuing of Mouryou Senki MADARA 1 and 2's original soundtracks is scheduled to be released on November 13th 2015!! It's been 25 and 22 years respectively since those great Famicom and Super Famicom RPGs' releases!
Available at Konamistyle here: www.konamistyle...
3 år sedan
Continuing on their apparent intention of clearing out older items, Konamistyle has created a special backorder item list page: www.konamistyle... There's currently only media stuff, with most of them being CDs with a few DVDs and Blu-Ray mixed in.
3 år sedan
Looks like Konamistyle is intent on clearing out all remaining non-Girl's Side Tokimeki Memorial goods goods of their older franchises left in their stock: not only they erased that part of the franchise (and Quiz Magic Academy) out of the main list at the beginning of the year, but they're also currently doing a special sale at slashed prices, link: www.konamistyle...

The campaign lasts until April 19th (and until stocks run out), so if you collect Tokimemo 1 / 2 / 4 / Only Love / Chu! goods, go grab those remaining items while you still can!

EDIT: Rats, this is what you get when you don't check Konamistyle regularly... The Spring Sale actually had started last week, and had some days dedicated to a specific franchise! April 6th to Dragon Collection, April 7th to Quiz Magic Academy, April 9th to Suikoden, and April 10th to 12th to Love Plus! >_<
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So, not much under the sun in Wonder Festival 2015 Winter as far as Konami-related stuff go. I'm not surprised, really, given the little non-media merchandise Konami has produced lately.

Still, there were a few interesting official releases' announcements. This is the following:

* ITEM #287726 : Nendoroid Raiden (Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty / Good Smile Company)
* ITEM #287612 : Revolmini Soviet Army Soldier (Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain / Kaiyodo)

And as far as garage kits go, Silent Hill has been treated with three kits: ITEM #287665, ITEM #287667, ITEM #287668 .
3 år sedan
Updated the club with a Related Pictures section! If there are Konami-related pictures I've missed, please do not hesitate pointing them out to me! Thanks in advance! ^_^
3 år sedan
That's slightly old news, but I just noticed it:
On 30th December 2014, Konami has closed its last remaining physical goods shop, Konamistyle Tokyo Midtown www.konamistyle... . There goes a legendary era for that company... :(
3 år sedan
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Figures, Goodies and Dakimakura shop.




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