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    Your room at least should be the one place where you can pursue and enjoy your interests to your heart’s content - Marie Kondo
    1 år sedan
    I'm studying at uni and brought almost my entire collection to my dorm room. If you get to live in your own space while studying - go for it! Bring them! If they make you happy then you should definitely have them with you. My figures bring me a sense of "home" and after a long day at uni, just looking at my collection really makes me feel more at peace. :)

    Space can be an issue (especially with all those boxes), but if you can manage to find a storage space where you live then it should not be a problem.

    I rarely talk about this hobby with anyone at uni, unless it is a person I'm comfortable with. There are many dude-bros studying at my program so I mostly try to avoid talking about my hobbies with them lol. I've learned that people don't need to know everything about you, but when you do find those good people at uni, you start to open up more. People studying at uni are all adults. If they don't know how to respect you without labeling you as just another "annoying weeb", then it is their problem, not yours.

    I collect many scantily clad women and I've brought home everything from extremely religious people to more chill and open ones. Of course, I make sure to mention that I have a hobby that can be seen as a bit strange but that it is my hobby and tell them that they are more than welcome to come study at my place etc.

    If it is worth it for you to bring figurines into your new place, despite the caution you might have to take when introducing yourself to new people/taking them home, then go for it. :-)
    1 år sedan
    "You can't let anyone come in between you and the thing you'are passionate about in this life. Or it ain't worth living."

    From Lucifier S3 Epi 17
    1 år sedan
    Recent grad here! I just fished a few weeks ago! It's easier for me to break down my own personal experience because I feel like i can at least help....

    I'll preface this by saying that you NEED to make sure you have money for this hobby. I've been pretty lucky, and for the most part (mostly now anyway) buying/selling helped me stay in the hobby. Also I did a 3 year course.

    Figures have been a MASSIVE cope for me as well, only in uni was I finally able to sort out help for my mental health, so uni has been one of the most helpful things ever xD

    First Year- I took SOME figures from home, my mind was in getting new friends trying to figure into into my course etc, I lived in halls with 5 other people, we shared a kitchen. I'm an introvert so my door is always locked lol. In halls we had people come in with master keys to check the toilets and do 2 room inspections. At the sorta end of the year I just really reallllly wanted all my figures lol, but the ones I had bought as well helped.

    Second Year - So I started to live with my boyfriend who liked my collection, I did tell him that I had more at home but he didnt seem to care lol. So we lived in halls but it was done privately (so we could stay there longer), we shared between 2 people and that's when my started up again properly people my worry was somewhat lower. This was also the same halls (different building)

    Third Year- We moved to a private place!!! I CAN HAVE CABINETS I'M SO HAPPY....


    Being a collecting weeb is part my life and I love it. The other part is my love for my course and learning lol. Mostly what I found is that people tend to ask more about where you are from, school and what grades you got etc.

    You don't have to tell people, it might not come up in convo.

    My mother has only just gotten to accepting that collecting is part of me and my bf's family, as well as the staff in halls loved it, and thought is was super cool, which was unexpected.

    Having different hobbies is great, anime and collecting don't have to be hand in hand, you can talk about anime, games and whatever without talking about the stuff you have etc.

    Sorry for the long rant xD
    1 år sedan
    I'd say it's best to keep your figures at home since then there's no risk of one of them magically disappearing or breaking. Hauling them won't be fun as well, since you'll have to bring them in their boxes and then find a place to put those in as well.
    As far as the social stigma goes, I can say I understand what you mean. On one hand you want people with interests aligned to your own and on the other you know how bad some of those people are, so you don't want to get branded as one of them. My advice for this would be to just not flaunt it in people's faces and try to casually make friends with the people that you like the most. If they like anime as well, that's a bonus, but if they're willing to drop you just because you watch some Asian cartoons then you shouldn't stress yourself too much over it. And it goes without saying that you stay as far away from the filthy weebs whose only personality trait is anime.
    Just keep in mind that the more you collect the harder it will become to just drop it all. Depending on what your life plans are you might want re-evaluate how important figure collecting is for you. But if you're just asking if it's normal to still do it in college - yeah, but it might be more difficult due to spacial and financial constraints.
    1 år sedan
    Depending on your university (more so with universities with strong Malaysia-Singapore-China links), there will likely be a very high (compared with your previous education) weeb/non-weeb ratio so you'll fit in fine. In addition, unless you're unlucky you'll end up in a single room in first-year halls, so nobody will be there to see it, and you probably are forced into renting in later years, which again will be with people you're used to and have chosen to live with.

    Been there, done it, not a problem.
    1 år sedan
    Donˋt worry, for us Japanese, if someone speaks or is trying to learn Japanese, the first thing we think about him is „ok must be a weeb“ anyways :) So it‘s not really necessary to hide it. It‘s all good.
    1 år sedan
    I still collected while at university, even in the dorms. However the year I was in the dorms I kept it small because as others have mentioned, there is no room and things get cluttered fast. However as soon as I moved into my own place I had enough room to put figures on my desk and dresser. So I would recommend keeping your collection proportional with how much space you've got, don't overrun yourself with anime stuff because you need the space for other assorted things too!
    1 år sedan
    I'm attending a university too, Japanese studies too.
    In my experience, nobody is looked down here because they like anime. Heck even some of the teachers like anime and use them in the lessons (one of my reading lessons involved an article about Doraemon, the history teacher often brought up anime series that relate to a certain historical period etc)
    If I were you I'd bring one maybe two figures, defineatly not a whole collection.
    Just pray you won't be sharing space with assholes I guess.
    1 år sedan
    I'd probably leave your collection at home, but it has nothing to do with judgement. In my experience, colleges pack freshmen into rooms like sardines and surface space becomes a precious commodity. Also, things can get kinda crazy, and even if your roommates and/or the people they invite over are nice, stuff gets accidentally knocked over or spilled on sometimes. Although, if having something anime-related on your desk would please you, then you should feel free to bring a prize or trading figure that wouldn't take up too much space or be difficult/expensive to replace if something happened.
    1 år sedan
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