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  • I've only ever had QC issues with one figure, and it was a Kotobikuya figure. It's one of the reasons why I am willing to pay more money, I suppose, however I think at any price point when you recieve a figure, wether it is a scale, Koto, or 400USD, I think it should be as advertised. Less QC is expected at a lower price, but I think if I am paying 80+USD for a figurine, it should have gone through QC, should not be dirty, and should not be defective.
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    The average figure by now, at 15-16k yen in price, IMO, should be delivered upon in terms of quality, but not spotless. Some "perfect" figures exist, but since it's more of an ideal than real condition, a minor flaw or few is OK-ish. However, unless I really like the character and overall figure's appearance and caliber, messy painting in just one spot or a misaligned pattern will still sting, haha. Nevertheless, I gloss over such issues when factoring in the art style of the figure and the character.

    The price paid dictates the margin of error. Kotobukiya figures are fairly inexpensive, and because of that, they don't have to be perfect or even "great" in anything but their own right. Meanwhile, Aniplex, with their overpriced figures, need to up their game. However, I shop at my own discretion. As much as companies marking a simple 1/8 up at 16k should be damn well making a top 1% figure of its scale, that just doesn't happen often. So, overall, it's the price, personal preference, track history of the manufacturer (making things relative), and just avoiding tangoing with shitty companies.
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