Kommentarer July 2020: What got you into collecting Anime?

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    I was into pokeyman as a young lad. As a kid with a Pikachu pyjama, I had tons of pokeymoan merch bought by my parents. The seeds were sought early for what's to come in my adult life.

    Personally, I've never collected game-related figures.

    The first anime figure-esque thing I bought was an Evangelion kit. Then a few China-quality bootleg Vocaloid keychains at a local con. The first real figure I bought was an Henrietta Figma:ITEM #109819 circa when I first started the MFC account.

    The only game characters I have in my collection are Kantai Collection related figs and Idolm@ster... Shimakaze FigFix:ITEM #236160, Yukikaze Figma:ITEM #287204, and Yukikaze:ITEM #364565 I won at a sketchy crane game at Nara to soothe my sore deer bitten ass and Anzu:ITEM #546375 I won at a sketchy crane game at Hiroshima.

    I didn't seek the crane game figs out. They just kinda slid into my life.
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    Played video games almost my entire life and thus, most of my collection is of video game characters. The ones that aren't I mostly got because they looked real nice or "checked off every box" (design, pose, outfit)

    Bought the Code Vein collector edition which came with a Mia figure which got me started with figure collecting (though the Sophitia figure that came with Soul Calibur 6 was my first figure.)

    Even though video games got me into figure collecting, it also worked both ways. When I discovered Ciel's bunny figure (from God Eater 2) it gave me the motivation to finish that game (played about slightly past the halfway mark and was basically finished with it at the time) which ended up being one of the best decisions (both in gaming and in life) I ever made.

    All that remains is to get the Code Vein Io figure and I'll be finished with collecting.

    I'm the opposite with Tony's art. I played Shining Resonance before I discovered his art. I like his art and have a few figures of his characters.
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    in 2011 or 2012 I joined tumblr and ended up making friends with people who were collectors, and while I didn't have much interest in actually collecting them myself at the time, I did follow a few "figure news" type blogs because I thought they were interesting and the first figure I ever considered buying was ITEM #107250, and shortly after that ITEM #98665 was released and I thought she was such a gorgeous figure, but I couldn't afford to buy her because I only worked part time for minimum wage while going to college

    shortly after that I got busy with school and got out of touch with figure stuff for a few years, but I got back into contact with my collector friends and from there found some collectors on youtube (Go Figure and Nendo Now to be specific) and decided I wanted to start collecting too. the first figures I actually ended up purchasing were ITEM #166946, ITEM #98872, and ITEM #151380, as a Christmas present to myself in 2015. Originally my collection was going to be exclusively nendoroids, but I found ITEM #156684 and ITEM #331467 for cheap on TOM in 2017 and that's when I began collecting scales (and eventually prizes and GKs)
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