Kommentarer What do we think will happen for this years announcements?

  • I’m with you—I was pretty disappointed with the reveals for this supposed WonderFest fill-in. Too few new products, not enough updates on previously announced. Still no news on ITEM #675843 !! I feel like since there was already not going to be a summer Wonfest (because of the Olympics, right?) all of these companies should have already been prepared for an online marketing push...and this just wasn’t much. ¯\_(ツ)_/ I considered writing a similar article wondering about the fizzle of an event—-it would have been titled, “That’s It??” Lol
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    I think most (if not all) figures are made in China, so, with factory temporary closed, a lot of figures have been delayed (on top of the usual delay)

    Big companies, can maybe, still anounnce and make some preorders for new figures (or online events) as they have the money to speed things up, smaller companies with all orders stopped, and not any kinf of income, maybe delay payments to factories and that make new delays

    And some licenses require items on a time due remain with the license of any franchise, so, that count also

    All of that sum up. if people lose their job, and they arent gonna pay preorders already made, who count as a loss for companies or third parties....

    I think, we are far from over on this front (figure collecting) on this matter

    Stay safe
    2 månader sedan
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