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  • ArmosKnight1 år sedan#61345942It's a great figure and you've improved a ton from this. I sculpt myself, so I know the feeling of disappointment you feel. I've remedied this somewhat by expecting that feeling while trying to also be realistic about my accomplishments. It's hard not to get hyped by how you think it'll turn out!
    Anyway, I look forward to seeing more cos this is cool.

    Thank you!:) It makes me feel better to see that you and the other people who commented like the figure! I guess feeling some dissatisfaction after finishing a project is just part of any artistic process ^^
    1 år sedan
    MattKaySeven1 år sedan#61340059Well, the Head ( Face ) and Hair is the most difficult part on a Figurine, if those are not right, that can ruin the whole apperance,...but i can not share your opinion,...the Star ( Fish ) is very cute, and the Girl look´s also ok, maybe her Hair could need a little bit more Detailing, but something like that is even messed up sometimes by a few so called Japanese Pro´s, so there is nothing to worry about.
    Good is that you are not satisfied with the Result, real Artist´s are never satisfied with what they do, they need to progress constantly, and that is a good thing, it means that you are on the right track.
    If you try to work to Anatomicaly correct, you would cross the border to another Style
    Manga / Realistic...and that does not look so good at all...

    Thank you for the comment :)! You are right, at least this feeling pushes me to try to improve! By the way, I like your custom figures and your blogs about your working process are very interesting!
    1 år sedan
    Act1 år sedan#61319878I know how you feel -- every time I finish a project I absolutely HATE it. Usually that feeling fades with time. But as someone who's been watching your posts, you've gotten SO much better and this is easily the most professional looking one yet. You should be proud!

    Thank you very much! I'm glad to hear my improvement is showing :D !
    1 år sedan
    Rajke1 år sedan#61297550Your latest addition looks a lot better than you might think. It perfectly fits the style of the drawing that you show. This figure is the smoothest you have made so far. A thing i really like are the legs. Especially the knees are looking great and realistic. Also i really like Shiina's face. Her hair also looks gorgeous. The contrast with the second color is big but it fits perfectly with this figures style. I agree with Hoshimaru, it looks spot on with the drawing.
    Time sure flies. I wouldn't thought that already a year since your first sculpt has past. You sure did improve a lot over time.
    Keep up the good work. :D

    Thank you very much for commenting, as always :) Time really does fly, I don't feel like it's already been a year either! ^^ .
    1 år sedan
    squigly-kip1 år sedan#61297393Damn... You're getting really good at this!

    Thank you :D
    1 år sedan
    Sakura00551 år sedan#61296645They all look cute! ^^

    thank you!
    1 år sedan
    segasonic1 år sedan#61298891This looks really good and it looks very similar to the illustration you based it on! Nice job!

    Thanks! One of my goals is to get better at imitating art styles when sculpting so I'm glad to hear I improved at it! ^^
    1 år sedan
    EikoTheMaster1 år sedan#61294760you really have improved a lot! and don't worry, as an artist myself I understand being negative towards your own art but you should really focus into the what you like the most and where you improved, this one really brings the illustration to life and it looks really good! congrats and keep up the good work!! ^^

    Thank you very much!^^ I guess feeling negative toward your work is just an universal thing among artists. My mother always tells me "Satisfaction is the end of an artist's career" :)
    1 år sedan
    XRaptor71 år sedan#61294414I dunno why you're upset with it, it looks really good from here. It really fits the illustration style of the source material. I'm looking forward to your next project.
    EDIT: If there's one thing I could suggest, it would probably be to put more shading in the fringe middle parting as it's hard to see the moulding and curvature unless under light.

    Thank you for the advice and kind words! I gonna try to improve that part of the figure! :)
    1 år sedan
    denpaloli otaku keyboard warrior
    wow i love your watashi no koko(?) figure - the green haired girl with the school uniform...i'm pretty sure that's a watashi no koko figure, anyways.
    and that nizimine garage kit too! such nice taste.
    i think your figure works look wonderful!
    1 år sedan
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