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    maggie (1 år sedan) #29833374Def post a review if you do get it!! I’ve heard quite a mixed bag so it may be different figure to figure. I know the Guts from Berserk had lots of wrist issues, and someone just posted today that they hadn’t gotten their preorder (Saitama) that released a while ago (and someone that did get their order complained that the figure was very cheap).
    Personally I’m looking a the Dorohedoro ones, I haven’t heard anything bad about Caiman so I may take the plunge if I find him at a decent price... someday. RAH hasn’t really been releasing anything I’ve been interested in lately so three zero has looked appealing.
    Interested in more feedback...

    The cheapie Saitama was me and whooo boy unless something MAJOR changes the customer service is almost worse than the figure I got. Not only was I missing items from the doll (it looks like the doll was just never packed with them), the doll and box itself came beat to shit, and it took two months to get a replacement for the parts that were damaged, and now the replacement came beat to shit...and I'm getting a ridiculous runaround regarding replacing the part that got banged up during shipping yet again due to the negligent way they packed it.

    I would really think twice about ordering from this company. Not only is the quality..."meh" at best for the price point (point blank Saitama is a sub-par quality figure, rushed paint job, badly fitted outfit with straining seams, cheap plastic, and off-model), if you have any issues with your figure you won't like the customer service you receive.
    1 år sedan
    Thanks for all the input :3
    1 år sedan
    Their Destiny figures are amazing...seem like much higher quality than say a RAH and definitely higher than say Play Arts or something along those lines. I do not have any Hot Toys to compare them to though...so not sure how they stack up there.

    I have on pre-order right now their Bioshock figure of Big Daddy/Little Sister (myanimeshelf.co...) and One Punch Man Genos (ITEM #527179)....

    I ordered one through Sideshowtoy.com website and another through a hobby shop, none directly through the ThreeZero shop though, so I don't know what their customer service is like.
    1 år sedan
    Valestein3 Here with you to Knight
    Threezero is expensive but they put out some great products! Articulation is kind of good and the cloth quality is amazing! A bit cheaper than RAH but way better in the quality department.

    I don't own any threezero figures but a friend of mine has all four RWBY figures and the Titan figure from Destiny.

    I played with them for a bit and here are the pros:
    -likeness. While the RWBY ones were a little underwhelming, the Titan figure is amazing. They got a lot of small details that my friend and I missed. It got to the point where we booted up his copy of Destiny and equipped the same armor and weapon sets and it looks virtually the same!
    - Articulation. This can be a problem for cloth dolls because they twist and obstruct movement but the clothes are made and fitted in a way that they have a good range of movement.

    - Poseability: they can hold most poses pretty damn well!

    - not good with animated looks. The RWBY figures, looks wise, are underwhelming .

    - No swappable heads or face plates. This can depend on the person but I'm spoiled by SH Figurarts and Figma. This can make the line less versatile.

    - Limited accessories. This is a problem for a lot of figure lines, really, but that doesn't excuse them from it. No effect parts from what I've seen and usually just one weapon or two.
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    yurirainbowz (1 år sedan) #29842262I would like the exclusive version so I think I'd have to take my risk with the shop. Does their shipping have tracking at least?
    I ordered my Hannibal from their store (HK) and to be honest I never had a problem with them.

    My order had tracking and at that time they changed the website and I didn't pay attention to a notification they sent.
    As I waited for my tracking number, I contacted their customer service and they kindly explained the situation and sent me the tracking number. As you can see the problem was from my side for not paying attention.
    I tracked my order, in my country I don't have to deal with customs for figures or small packages, so everything went smootly.
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    sliusarek (1 år sedan) #29840996 And don't order directly from their shop.

    I would like the exclusive version so I think I'd have to take my risk with the shop. Does their shipping have tracking at least?
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    I have a number of threezero figures (mostly their GoT).

    They’re normally pretty faithful to the prototype. Clothes and sculpt are normally as presented. The clothes are detailed and well made.

    Some of the detail in the paint job can be lost in the transition to mass production however. Haven’t seen anything come out messy or uneven or anything like that, just the shading may not be as rich and detailed. This can impact the likeness.

    Their stuff is normally easily available after release (they sell through conventional retailers too) so you can always wait and see reviews/in hand photos.
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    yurirainbowz (1 år sedan) #29828718I see. Im looking at Daryl Dixon of The Walking Dead. It looks pretty accurate!
    It will be more accurate than McFarlane Toys, but that's it. Don't believe all the promo pics you see, the figure will end up looking way less like the character. Especially this goes for someone like Daryl who has a unique face that is hard to mass produce.
    1 år sedan
    It depends.

    I have Threezero Rick Grimes and it is one of their best figures. It doesn't really look like the character at certain angles, but I can deal with as Rick is one my favorite characters and I wanted something cooler than McFarlane Toys.
    However, I do not recommend dealing with them and trusting them. They have great sculptors and staff, but the product that you get will be quite different from all the promo shots, from all the prototypes they show. The figures ends up looking "not as cool" as you see them on pictures or even in videos.
    For example, in their Game of Thrones line only Jamie looks good and worth the buy. Tyrion had many-many problems and he is currently sold out everywhere (500 USD+ on Ebay, sheesh!).
    The Walking Dead line is better, but the recently released Merle was simply too much money for what you get. I kind of wish Threezero would turn into 1/12 scale with real fabric.

    Also never order from their shop directly. They always delay their products and it's very annoying. Not only do you have to pay months (sometimes, a year!) in advance (and we're talking 170 USD or more), but they have enough courage to delay "without prior notice". Even more, since shipping is included in the price, they will not use courier deliveries and you will end up waiting for the release date, then a month or two for them to actually release what you paid for, and also a month for the post to deliver your figure. Don't forget that you also may have to spend an additional week handling all the customs payments because these figures are expensive.

    Threezero makes decent figures for licenses that don't have any other quality toys, such as The Walking Dead, Game Of Thrones, etc., but their service is very poor and they simply ask too much for what you get. Purchase one of their products only if you really-really want it and after you've seen some reviews online. And don't order directly from their shop.
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    If you're into mechs, their Titan Fall line looks great: e.g. www.threezerobl.... You definitely need some big display space for those. Don't have one but saw one personally and they're great display piece (since it has both the mech and pilot). I owned a ThreeZero MazingerZ for a short time before selling it, and I would say that the weathered details looks great
    1 år sedan
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