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DregoDrego9 år sedan
Hello fellow figures collectors! Drego here!

Today the review is about one of the most anticipated figure of this year 2011! (Well for me at least ...)! This girl is THE reason that makes us love and buys the Guilty Gear game series ... her name ... Dizzy! (ディズィー)
So this Dizzy figure come from the game Guilty Gear XX Λ Core (ギルティギア イグゼクス アクセントコア) ... I personally don’t see any differences at Dizzy between the different games of the Guilty Gear series ... but we have to be strict! Don’t we?

So let’s go! As usual you can click on every picture of this review to zoom it.

Firstly, the packaging!

http://img9.imageshack.us/img9/6055/boxfrontmini.jpg http://img804.imageshack.us/img804/4528/boxbackmini.jpg http://imageshack.us/m/217/4323/boxleftmini.jpg

http://imageshack.us/m/191/2429/boxrightmini.jpg http://imageshack.us/m/808/1497/boxtopmini.jpg http://imageshack.us/m/818/3717/boxbottommini.jpg

So ... regular PVC figure box... simple but efficient!
The right part of the box is a window so we can peek at Dizzy without her “wings”, Guilty Gear logo at bottom right ... and on the left we have a photo of the assembled figure.
I don’t think this is a proper box for the peoples who would like to let Dizzy in the box for displaying ... you can’t see her good enough ...
To the back we can see a photo of each “character” in the box : Necro, Dizzy and Undine.
Colors? Black mostly ... and purple, green, yellow, blue ... too much different colors I think ... I have the feeling that the colors does not really match with the character of Dizzy... but whatever !
Size of the box is 32 x 30 x 15 centimeters (12.6 x 11.8 x 5.9 inches) which is ... not bad! xD

http://imageshack.us/m/580/8922/boxopenedmini.jpg http://imageshack.us/m/69/8378/figurepiecesmini.jpg

This figure come in 4 separated pieces: Dizzy herself, Undine (the angel wing), Necro (the grim reaper wing) and the base of the figure.
Pieces were protected by plastic stuffs to avoid paint transfer (I removed them when I took the photo).
There were also some metal wires holding the 2 big pieces of plastic protecting the figure ...

Let’s assemble her ... So ... as they say ...


Dizzy is not really tall but her wings make her look so gorgeous! °.°
I’m starting to wonder where I can display her on my desk ...
She is a 1/8 scaled figure, she measure 31 centimeters height from base to top of her right wing (which is TALL actually, but Dizzy herself is only 20 centimeters height) and she measure 28 centimeters wide (11 inches).
She weight around 0.75 kilogram. She is sculpted by Yagyu Toshiyuki (柳生 敏之), manufactured by ALTER, and retailed for 11.800 Yens ... got mine at 9.440 Yens.

Remember that Yagyu Toshiyuki was the sculptor of the great ChuxChu Idol – Chua Churam (ITEM #100) who was also manufactured by ALTER ... so I highly believe in the awesomeness of this Dizzy figure! :D

Let’s start with the usual 360° view of the figure, but this time I’m trying something new ...

(This is a 4Mb picture, it might take a while to load so please be patient ^_^)


Ohlala ... My head turns ... I’m feeling dizzy ... haha! ... ...
Ok that was a crappy joke ... -_-

Where to begin with? The base of course the base!

http://imageshack.us/m/96/1017/basetopmini.jpg http://imageshack.us/m/801/910/basebottommini.jpg

Ok now this is a very simple circular base. It’s black and white, probably to go with the Dizzy’s wings. There is also a logo “Guilty Gear XX Λ Core DIZZY” on it ... and the base is not very large...
© ARC SYSTEM WORKS ... creators of Guilty Gear series of course ... and made in China.

As I said it’s a very classic and simple base ... but Hell! It works so good! :D

Now the figure ... My god I don’t even know where to begin with ...


ALTER really done an excellent job there ... The pose of Dizzy is pretty nice, I can’t find any word to describe it ... It’s like a “huh?” expression or innocent ... or shyness... just decide of what you want to see! xD

When I saw her first however I was afraid of the balance of the figure ... I thought she could have been leaning due to the weight of her wings ... but NO! So of course she is not perfectly balanced, but I think its good enough to avoid her from leaning...

BUT! Even if she don’t lean front or back ... I’m afraid that she could lean to the side of Necro ... This guy is heavy if you compare it to Undine ... I can’t say ... I hope everything will be ok ...

http://imageshack.us/m/716/5497/necrooverviewmini.jpg http://imageshack.us/m/220/5241/necrobackmini.jpg http://imageshack.us/m/193/4708/necroheadmini.jpg http://imageshack.us/m/27/7289/necrohandmini.jpg

I’m going to talk a bit of Necro the grim reaper, Dizzy’s right wing.

That wing was quite hard to put at Dizzy’s back, I had to force it in a little to make it stay still. But it’s fine now.
So Necro ... So much details at it, I’m impressed! Those wings, feathers, rags and his skull head are really detailed. I mean look at his head, we can see through his eyes and mouth that he is not just a solid piece of PVC, it seems empty inside. Well maybe it’s not but it looks like it is! And that’s important! xD
For the paint ... green gray ... with darker gray for shadows on the cloth ... Perfect!

http://imageshack.us/m/857/7235/undineoverviewmini.jpg http://imageshack.us/m/585/6853/undinebackmini.jpg http://imageshack.us/m/688/7567/undinebreastmini.jpg http://imageshack.us/m/198/9449/undinefacemini.jpg

Now let’s see Undine the angel, Dizzy’s left wing.

It was much more easy than Necro to put at the back of Dizzy... don’t ask me why...
Once again nice details... Undine is nicely sculpted ... I do not remember that she has such big ... “assets” by the way! xD
Sculpting of Undine’s ... Winghairs (I don’t have a proper word) is really cool! I like this kind of looooong hairs! :D
Now look at her face ... Undine looks more like an adult woman than a girl... She looks wise... Doesn’t she? ... Anyway nice detailed sculpting on her face, closed eyes, slightly opened mouth, and we can even notice that she has nostrils! O_o It might sound weird but that is something I rarely see on a figure...
Paint? Light blue for her skin and azure for the cloth ... those colors make her look very ... “angelic”... :)

http://imageshack.us/m/88/3674/dizzyfacemini.jpg http://imageshack.us/m/189/2821/dizzybackheadmini.jpg

Dizzy’s face and hairs ... what could I say ... blue is my favorite color after all ...
Her face is really cute. Her scarlet eyes and slightly opened mouth makes her looks irresistible. The sculpting of her hairs is great, especially the ribbons that stay still her twin tails. Paintjob is good too.
By the way her twin tails ... are very flexible! Good point because when you put on Dizzy’s wings you need to force them a bit and I was afraid to break something ... I had to grab the figure at full hand ... I don’t know if this is the proper way to do it (or to say it xD) ... but you know what I mean.


Let’s peek at Dizzy’s sexy body ... Is she really a 3 years old girl? Gears sure are awesome! :D

Firstly ... I don’t know if this is only my figure, because I don’t see the same thing on the photos of the other owners ... But her skin seems ... pale ... it’s a bit white don’t you think?

But anyway ... what we have here is a nicely sculpted body ... the proportions looks good to me, her waist is not too small and her breast is not oversized. Her hands are however a bit small ... but nothing serious.

Now let’s see ... Dizzy has a kind of unique outfit... I always wondered how this could stay in place on her ...

http://imageshack.us/m/813/453/outfitbuckles1mini.jpg http://imageshack.us/m/829/5161/outfitbuckles2mini.jpg

I don’t know in which material could this outfit be done for real? Not leather I think but it looks very ... thin... o_o
And one more time ... I’m going to say that it’s perfectly sculpted and painted! :D
The whole thing is painted in light black with some purple... some pure white lining down there too.
Well done with the straps holding the whole thing together, metallic paint on the buckles and buttons does a great job.

http://imageshack.us/m/714/1452/dizzyfoldsmini.jpg http://imageshack.us/m/821/8482/dizzybackkneesmini.jpg http://imageshack.us/m/62/7149/dizzystockingsmini.jpg

If you look at Dizzy’s waist or at the back of her knees, you can notice that the sculptor made a great job in feinting the folds of her outfit too.

What about her legs?

Dizzy wear high stocking that goes just over her knees ... If I can remember properly that discussion about Zettai Ryouiki, I think it’s a B grade stocking? (WTF am I talking about? xD)
She also has some kind of ... belts on her thighs. Don’t you think this kind of thing could be painful to wear for real? ... BUT WHO CARES?! It just looks awesome! :D

http://imageshack.us/m/717/5164/dizzyshoes1mini.jpg http://imageshack.us/m/10/8739/dizzyshoes2mini.jpg

Dizzy also wear some very nice looking heeled boots. Pure white, blue and purple.

http://imageshack.us/m/542/5546/dizzytail1mini.jpg http://img7.imageshack.us/img7/511/tailribbonmini.jpg http://imageshack.us/m/14/2643/dizzytail2mini.jpg

And of course the tail of Dizzy! It’s very rigid PVC, it doesn't seems fragile though ...
Same color than her clothes but shinier ... with the little yellow ribbon at the end of her tail ... and at the base of it we have ...


... ... ...


... ... ...

Ah ! Errrrr ... *cough*... sorry ... Dizzy is not really a “nopan” figure but she still have some ... “stuffs” to display ... xD

So what do you think about Dizzy? Isn’t she a lovely figure?
I personally believe that she will be in my 2011 top 3! Maybe at first place ...

I think that it’s the first time I choose to put some “10/10” in a figure review. The only thing that disturbs me is the box, and the painting of Dizzy’s skin (even if it’s not so bad).

So in a few words ...
Amazing, beautiful, awesome, it’s a must have! ALTER, Mister Yagyu Toshiyuki, Thank you so much!!!

And that’s it!
Feel free to leave comments or questions, it’s much appreciated! :)
Thank you for reading!

Camera used for photos
Nikon D5000 18-55mm f/3,-5,6 VR

Listened music while writing the review
Fairy Tail Soundtrack OST 1
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Dizzy's got me dizzy
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Brilliant and informative review! I have to agree, this is also one of the top 3 figures of my 2011 collection.
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Excellent review!
And the Gif is amazing! ;D
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Neevester Neverender
Amazing figure. Great review too! I really appreciate your detail and pictures!
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Death Otaku in training!
I can't wait till i get mine ;*( i drool just by looking at the pictures of her haha
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just by looking at the pictures I can say that this is one of my favorites ^_^

great review indeed!! :)

*still waiting for dizzy* ~_~
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Wow. How generous. You can choose to display her either with or withouth Necro/Undine. :D
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360° view of the figure is awsome! I still waiting for my Dizzy :<
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Great review.
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Drego Neko fanboy
Thank you guys !
The gif was a pain to do and i'm not fully satisfied with the result but it looks fine for a 360 of a figure. :)
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