Cat owners, do you know what your cat gets up to?Cat owners, do you know what your cat gets up to?Misc

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One blog post, absolutely not figure related, but like to share here.

Cat owners, do you really know what your cat gets up to during the night or the day, when you are away??

There was a study at the beginning of 2013 in a small UK village, where a team of experts tracked a group of 50 cats, with GPS and some of them got even kitted (no pun) out with a night vision camera. There is a main program at a feature length of about an hour and a later follow up with some of the cats, which were most interesting.

The films are currently still available on BBC iPlayer for UK residents, but will eventually be removed.

BBC iPlayer -

Feature: www.bbc.co.uk/i...
Follow up: www.bbc.co.uk/i...

Youtube -

Feature: www.youtube.com...
Follow up: www.youtube.com...
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As soon as I read the title I was going to add a link to that documentary if you didn't mention it, so glad to see it's actually about it. Was an interestic doc.

Then again, I'm partial to all things cat related, they're just so adorable.
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My Buddy cat usually comes in and out of the house both day and night at various times. When in he gets a bite to eat and then some attention(if we're awake). Outside he usually hangs out in the yard or on the porch or visits the neighbors. Of course, when the weather is cold/wet he's inside more during the day and all night cozy-ed up with me on my bed.
Sometimes Buddy gets visits from two strays that like to hang out in our yard. One is a skinnier,lighter version of Buddy. We currently call him Ginger<he was called Doppleganger or ,when getting into fights with Buddy, A**hole>. He won't let us get close enough to pet him, but he's not too shy to come in the house and eat Buddy's food<Buddy's ok with it 9 out ten times>. The other one is black and white long hair we call Fluffy. He hangs out on one side of the house. We've never seen him in the house nor have we been able to get close to him. We know when he's around whenever we hear him getting in mutual dissing parties with Ginger or, rarely, Buddy <until I break it up>.
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ghirahim Needs more Kyouko
I have 2 cats. One is completely indoors, she's been outside a couple of times supervised but never by herself. My other cat is allowed to go outside but only of a day. In the summer when there are more snakes around I supervise her just to make sure she's okay. She never goes far though, she just sunbakes and then wants to come back in 20 minutes later. She mostly lives inside though c:

There are plenty of neighbourhood cats who come to my house for food xD Especially my next door neighbours, who's always outside (they don't let him in :c) so I spoil him a bit c:
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4Arnd 4ア一ンド
grahamaker7 år sedan#1576384$arnd do you have a cat?

Yes I do :-)
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ponnie ~Donyatsu Huntress~
My cat's favourite thing to do at night is to go poop - and do this scratching the box loudly and proudly, running around after that noble deed chanting victorious MEOW. Like at about 3 a.m.

P.S. Thanks for the links, this cat diary made my day :)
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$arnd do you have a cat?
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I just noticed how over weight the majority of these cats are LOL. Their little tummies waddle from side to side :D Guess that is from stealing from other houses! Mine used to be over weight and has hanging skin now.
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Risayla ◔‸◔
My cat is an indoors one, but even then she gets up to no good constantly. :P
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My cats are never permitted outside. They are fond of running crazily through the house yowling and crashing into things at night, though.
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WatchJessieGo Magical Girl
My cat gets out occasionally to get some sun. I watch her and she doesn't go past the driveway, sits around for about an hour, then comes back inside. She's fixed, doesn't cause trouble, etc. I love my cat just fine, even if I didn't live in the suburbs. XD
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