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  • He might look a bit "shiny", but wow, at least he doesn't look like he's black anymore. Really well done.
    7 år sedan
    Looks much better! I still can't believe how they made that face like that and just without shame put him up for sale.

    As MarshallDTeach says below, it entirely depends on the figure. I own the Batman Arkham Asylum PAK and he looks almost perfect.
    7 år sedan
    theyasminshow Militant Missionary
    He looks leaps and bounds better now! Original looks like they shot an airbrush in each eye and called it a day.
    7 år sedan
    He's a bit...shinier. but yeah the flesh looks alot more realistic. He just looks like he's a bit sweaty, like he's in the midst of a tense battle. so it actually works quite well.

    As for quality, it ENTIRELY depends on the figure. For example, Arkham Asylum Harley Quinn and Batman and Hitman's Agent 47 are all great.

    However, Arkham Asylum's Joker is cross-eyed, and God of War's Kratos looks like he has soot on his face.

    Those are the only ones I have, so I can't speak for the others
    7 år sedan
    Ashley Williams PAK [ITEM #99127] also looks bad in my opinion, although not as bad as the Male Shepard. He definitely takes the cake. You did a good job with your repaint though. He looks so much more like Shepard now.
    7 år sedan
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