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Just a small update, I thought worth mentioning here:

FAQ Update

Our picture Gallery Guidelines received an update, mainly relating to scans. Probably worth having a look before your next upload, in order to avoid entries being alerted or removed. about/faq/#ref-...

DB Update - Tweaks

When answering or writing a new post in a thread and another post is being made before you have sent yours, a warning message appears and you will have the chance to edit your answer before posting.

There are probably more updates, tweaks and fixes. I'm sure you will find them! (^.^)
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Beani7 år sedan#1560323to upload hires scans of covers for books that have images available on online stores?Scans provided by online stores are considered official.

Beani7 år sedan#1560323(no limit on amount, within reason, and placed under Items not Various?)Regular photographs of books still go on "Items" and are not limited.
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4Arnd 4ア一ンド
There was a general site update last night, nothing to do with the above. Unfortunately sometimes server updates can cause issues. All should be fixed now, club/51/discuss...

If anyone still got any issues, please post in the bug report thread club/51/discuss... if clearing your browser cache does not help.

Our apologies for any inconvenience caused.
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Beani (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
With regards to scans:

For doujinshi scans, if I understand correctly we are unable to upload any scans if there are official ones available? In some cases the official shots supplied to stores are very lowres and often only show the front cover (never back) and sometimes are even the wrong image entirely (rarely). Would we not be able to upload hires scans of covers for books that have images available on online stores? I think this is rarely done anyway but want to check what the position is on that.

Also if we were to do a review of doujinshi or artbooks would photos of the books be subject to the same restrictions or would they be treated as per normal? (no limit on amount, within reason, and placed under Items not Various?)
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iTheShirt Seasonally Otaku'd
Glad there's an alternative way to post. Hope theres a fix soon.
7 år sedan
Ah I can't get quote to work right now but thanks for linking that Muntoe. Happy to know it and now I'll just be patient :>
7 år sedan
I'm having some problems as well.
7 år sedan
Muntoe Lover of cacti ♡꒰*・ω・
The issue has been brought up here already club/51/discuss... and I'm sure it is being worked on or will be soon guys ^^
7 år sedan
Well all of a sudden today, when I click on the latest additions tab, it doesn't do anything but send me back to the top of the page. When I mouse over the thumbnail of a picture, it no longer pops up the information window so I can see what it is before going to the database page. When I go to the database page, under pictures it just keeps showing the little grey loading wheel and it never finishes loading the picture. I had to click alternative way to comment for the first time evr because when I hit comment, it also just brought me back to the top of the page.I have cleared my cookies for the site and my cache but nothing changed. All my plugins are up to date. :( Yeah none of the mouseover drop down menus work for me either.
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lucy4 Free! Lover
I got problems too!
7 år sedan
Ironic that the site is being glitchy for me now--
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