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I'm over 18
(NSFW warning placed due to some quite risqué elements far below.)

Hello, MFC! Do you enjoy doujinshi? Me too! There's just something special about the transient nature of circles and the self-indulgent quality of the artist(s) doing what they want to do and bringing it to events to sell to those who want to enjoy their output. The building, toleration and support of doujin culture warts and all has been one of Japan's great creative strengths in the last four decades; it's not exaggeration to say that it underpins Japan's anime, games and other creative industries that they now export to the world.

Recently BEANI and I made a combined order of some doujinshi from Toranoana and Surugaya. I needed to get a certain work to finish a secret collection I've been building up for quite some time, but that's a different topic for a different blog post. I went a little crazy and made a few impulse purchases based on art styles I found interesting or really cool concepts. It was all very worth it! (Less fortunately, a few days after we made the order Surugaya had a 50% off international shipping promotion. Oh well!)

A few days ago, our order finally arrived!


Now, doujinshi is pretty dense stuff so the shipping was-

ten point five kilograms


ten point five kilograms



Delicious doujinshi stacks, topped by a commercial tankoubon (the sharper-eyed among you might recognise its cover illustration).


One of the works from Toranoana by Urushihara Satoshi (known for his classically detailed illustrations of gorgeous girls with ample tear ducts) came with a set of eight posters, which I did not expect! They were sent taped to a flexible backing which was curled around the rest of the shipment. Very impressive! I won't be displaying them, though.


My haul:


In all, 56 printed doujinshi plus an art mook, a poster set, a tankoubon and a CG CD. Two haven't been shown for secret reasons.

This here is Beani's haul:


21 printed doujinshi. One has been left out due to SUPAA SEKRET secrecy.

Adding all these to the database is going to be quite the effort. I make high-quality scans of both sides of the covers, so having more in the collection means more better-documented doujinshi!
We're planning to do some doujinshi spotlight posts featuring works from our collections, but as a sneak preview let us show you some of our favourites from this latest haul!

Shichimi Tou Houshi by 77gl.

http://imgh.us/way_av.jpgI've been a fan of 77gl's work for a while. Look how they compose their work as pastiches of petit genre paintings (itself an outgrowing of the style of grande genre or History Paintings), then use that structure to playfully blend in crossover and remix! These are works that demand repeat viewing by an insider audience, permitting the eye to wander around and explore.

Fragment 01 by the circle echo showcases the wonderful work of sime.

http://imgh.us/bea_av.jpgBeing a long-time fan getting one of sime’s books has always been on the cards and this one doesn’t disappoint. It is a wonderful mix of portraits and stunning landscapes and scenery. This book in particular gives off a strong Scandinavian vibe with lots of focus on snow, blonde hair and warm coats (very stereotypical of me I know :p). Time to hunt for the others!
Nikushyoku Usagi to Soushyoku Ookami by Hon to Inu (note the katakana 'to'; it's a multilayered pun, especially when you consider the circle is called Uso Neko).

http://imgh.us/way_av.jpgI first encountered this circle through their Idolmaster work in TINY TINY HEROINE. The artist has a knack for seamlessly blending arrhythmia-inducing adorable styles and storylines with surprisingly sophisticated sexy. When I saw Touhou work by them, I had to have it.

Exp 2 -expedition experience- is a joint collaboration by pixelphantom and U+2603.

http://imgh.us/bea_av.jpgThe book was mainly bought because of my love for pixelphantom ever since seeing their designs for Itsuka Tenma but after flicking through it the U+2603 section caught me just as much as the pixelphantom stuff did. A bit over half the book is dedicated to pixelphantom, much of which seem to be original characters. U+2603’s section meanwhile consists mostly of fanart. The use of gradients by both artists is absolutely wonderful and there is just the right splash of risqué.
Winter Girls X Headphone Life by Raving Phantom.

http://imgh.us/way_av.jpgRaving Phantom loves consumer electronics and women's clothing. These two come together here - each page showcases a different pair of headphones, modelled by a 2D girl wearing winter fashion. Soft, sketchy line work filled in by gentle colouring allows the relaxed, natural cuteness of the girls to shine through.

Alfine 2010 February takes the concept further.

http://imgh.us/way_av.jpgIt's laid out as a doujin fashion magazine, right down to commentary on the outfits and some pages being devoted to fake advertisements. The back of the cover is even decorated by a standard magazine ribbon, with the doujinshi publication information where a normal magazine's numbering would be. The barcode scans as its release date! A work like this takes more planning than a standard art/manga compilation doujinshi and the execution really shines.

P4 Book by insidebox features the utterly adorable work of CHANxCO and as the name suggests is a compilation dedicated to P4.

http://imgh.us/bea_av.jpgWhile short it is really nice to see such a good quality book dedicated toa series like P4 and especially by such a well-known artist. I cannot get enough of the final spread with the personas and main characters. CHANxCO’s chibis will never cease to amaze me.

Mythos by P-MANS portrays the Touhou Project girls in their roles as powerful, dangerous mythical entities - something which hasn't been as often engaged with following the exponential expansion of its fandom since 2005-2006.

The large size and heavy stock of the book really helps to bring out the layered composition in the full-colour illustrations.

Pochittona by Hon to Inu features the heart attack inducing art of Uso Neko.

http://imgh.us/bea_av.jpgWhile I first found Uso Neko through their Touhou works it didn’t quite click they also made TINY TINY HEROINE, a manga series I fell in love with last year. This artbook of TTN makes me HNNNGGHHHH like no other. Insanely adorable. If anyone out there likes Puchimasu TTN and Pochittona are right up your alley!

Chocolate Drops by Cosmic Forge (illustrated by TNSK/Tansuke) is a doujin cookbook/guidebook all about chocolate! The circle plans and produces many gormet works, each illustrated by guest artists.

http://imgh.us/way_av.jpgThe first chapter covers some recipies for handmade chocolate, the second recommends a selection from famous chocolatiers, the third recommends some gems from online sellers, the fourth covers chocolate cafes, the fifth highlights chocolate spots in the Ginza district and the sixth provides a primer on chocolate terminology. The attention to detail and love that has gone into this book from both circle and guest artist really shines through in the fine details. TNSK's work often plays with food and food ideas - his OC is often portrayed as a target for imminent consumption, even - so this work is a natural fit for them.

http://imgh.us/bea_av.jpgPS Pretty Sexyby the circle Kawaku uzu uzuhas been on the ‘maybe’ list for a long time. I was first introduced to the artist through the card game Tanto Cuore (they illustrated one of my favourite cards!) and had previously bought their book CYGNE.

This book seems to mainly focus on girls with cats including a ridiculously cute rendition of a girl reading a book but a cat making sure that is near impossible. The book also includes some samples of work done for card company Broccoli.

Touhou Kinbaku Roku (Record of Touhou Binding) by Kyounetsuzanbun (illustrated by Paintmusume & Pico) binds some of the Touhou Project girls, often in parts of their own outfits.

Although much of the binding work is only coarsely defined and often wouldn't be able to exist as shown, the illustrations are well-composed and drawn.

BE MY BABE!by circle CALBORN★STAR was another 100% impulse buy that occurred due to my severe SEVERE weakness to anthropomorphisation.

This book is a wonderfully rare example of not only female but male anthropomorphisation as well and on top of that features some rather left of field animal choices (no simple cats and bunnies think more meerkats and wallabies).

Vopal Bunny by HQ's (Hiroshi Kajiyama) is a celebration of the bunnygirl.

It's drawn in a gorgeously retro style augmented by modern technique and sensibility, each outfit an experimental riff on the archetypical bunnysuit.

Inran Usagi Hatsujyo by HQ's (Hiroshi Kajiyama) is a full-colour eromanga doujinshia adapted from a CG set featuring one such bunnygirl concept.

http://imgh.us/way_av.jpgI just adore her classic character design style and trim musculature; it's not something you often see. Note the heavy leather and metalwork bunnysuit, with restraining leather cuffs and collar taking the place of the detached French cuffs and bow tie shirt collar.

What's the most you've ever received by cubic doujinshi weight? Do you have any favourites you want to tell us about? What do you think of ours? Anything else to say?

Most importantly, do you see anything in our piles that you'd like a spotlight on? The comments are just below~
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Lexiy The WCF Aficionado
Ooooohhh Bunny Rabbit girl!!!! :D I like
7 år sedan
how much did all cost ?

even better what were the shipping costs ?

i generally dont really care about doujinshi ( most i ever received was about 2 kg and i got rid off them anyway ) i tend to go for figures
7 år sedan
Beani (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
Xoras7 år sedan#1531264I like the cookies next to the box ^^PICTURE #714110
Very nice arrival!
This DoujinshiITEM #74981 is gorgeous <3

Haha they are actually some crazy prepackaged crepe thing :D

Raze7 år sedan#1531348That's an interesting way to look at doujinshi art books. How can you tell if there's life in an artwork or boredom?
That is really all in the eye of the beholder, some will see beauty and interest in art that others find completely dull. But when you find an artist that brings life to the page for you you will certainly know it.

Ferdverel7 år sedan#1531844By the way, those headphones and fashion magazine doujin are now a MUST HAVE for me. Not only am I a headphones fanatic (I wear my AKG 240 monitors on the bus everyday, bwahahaha), but I am also quite interested in fashion, and that combination in one doujin is absolutely amazing! *_* Thanks for showing me my next doujin hunt, my friend. omo;
Lucky for you the books were pretty cheap, good luck in your hunt! I believe the Alfines Wayfinder bought are still available on Suru for super cheap so grab them while you can!
7 år sedan
I bet the moment you opened that box, the new doujin smell must've smelled amazing. *_*

By the way, those headphones and fashion magazine doujin are now a MUST HAVE for me. Not only am I a headphones fanatic (I wear my AKG 240 monitors on the bus everyday, bwahahaha), but I am also quite interested in fashion, and that combination in one doujin is absolutely amazing! *_* Thanks for showing me my next doujin hunt, my friend. omo;

But anyway, awesome haul! *_* I am bedazzled.

I'm also loving that P-mans doujin. Owning it myself, I really like the quality of the paper stock used. Feels like money. *_*
7 år sedan
Wayfinder ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ【世田谷区】
Norikun7 år sedan#1531507I've got some questions! What is cotorie? I see a lot of it on Rakuten for seemingly very cheap, and it has me interested. Is it all doujinshi art, or is it something else? I would like to buy some of the types of things in your loot, especially if they are that cheap. What should I search for on Surugaya? Thanks. :0
It's the machine translation of "doujin".

A small group of people with shared interests or tastes, esp. one that is exclusive of other people.
clique - circle

"Doujin" is 同人, literally "same person" translated as "those who share particular interests" or, more concisely, "coterie". Doujinshi adds the character for "periodic publication" (誌), meaning they are "coterie periodicals". This is why the term for a team that produces doujinshi is called a "circle" and why most specify themselves in very periodical-like terms (numbering, seasonal, extra issue, bonus lift outs).

As for what you should search for, start with the circle name and artist name. Most places will hit on both, although it often only hits on one. Track down the circle's website too, which will give you an idea of what they released and when.
7 år sedan
I've got some questions! What is cotorie? I see a lot of it on Rakuten for seemingly very cheap, and it has me interested. Is it all doujinshi art, or is it something else? I would like to buy some of the types of things in your loot, especially if they are that cheap. What should I search for on Surugaya? Thanks. :0
7 år sedan
You're good with describing what I never really could about why doujin goods are so attractive! Alas I'm not as good with words. I always loved the dark and gritty takes on my fave series but definitely the more um, indulgent stuff too!

I recall having packages as heavy as yours when I was buying doujin every month. It was pretty bad financially, haha! I ended up with 400-500 for certain series (some of them long-running shounen types). Though unfortunately, I lost my love for one series in particular and sold off quite a bit. Hopefully whoever has them now is enjoying them.

But despite that, I still don't completely associate doujin with the canon work and so I judge them somewhat independently. That's why I kept some books from this series I lost my love for because the author had a really cool take on the existing fiction. I guess this is why doujin is so loved? I'm not really sure how to say it... Doujin's sort of a space to legitimize your own thoughts, pairings, and opinions on fiction in the most tangible way possible, short of simply writing a review or essay which is a lot less personally involved.

I rambled a lot, sorry... Enjoy your loot and nice, informative post!
7 år sedan
Wayfinder7 år sedan#1529837
I think it's important to develop wide tastes and the ability to shake them up. After a while you start to be able to pick out hidden qualities in works, like "love for the work". Even an unskilled sketch can send me into paroxysms of moé now if I see enthusiasm and love in the lines, while a skilled professional's work can exude boredom with the subject. That's what is nice about most doujinshi: Everyone wants to be there.

That's an interesting way to look at doujinshi art books. How can you tell if there's life in an artwork or boredom?
7 år sedan
I like the cookies next to the box ^^PICTURE #714110
Very nice arrival!
This DoujinshiITEM #74981 is gorgeous <3
7 år sedan
7 år sedan
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