Suzumiya Haruhi no Shoushitsu - Suzumiya Haruhi - Ichiban Kuji -Suzumiya Haruhi no Shoushitsu - Suzumiya Haruhi - Ichiban Kuji -Review

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Today we'll be taking a closer look at Haruhi Suzumiya from The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya. This particular figure is a Ichiban Kuki Premium prize figure. She is the 1st in a set of three, the other two are Yuki Nagato and Mikuru Asahina.


Before proceeding further, please understand I will never give a score of 10 no matter how perfect the figure as there is always room for improvement. However in the case of this figure, I don't think she has to worry about it...



The good and bad of it is she's all PVC.

The Good
  • Very Durable
  • Easy to repair
  • Easy to paint/tint
  • Easy for the sculptor to detail
  • Inexpensive(keeps costs down)
  • Usually light weight

The Bad
  • Toxic
  • Susceptible to leaning/bending

The Figure

Let's take a quick 360 tour of her first.


She looks OK initially but will you feel the same after we take a closer look?

Areas of Concern
In regards to sculpting, there are three areas of concern.
  • Side Profile (face)
  • Legs
  • Transition from Flesh to Material

Side Profile (face)
Maybe it's just me, but I found her facial side profile disturbing... She looks like a muppet or one of those badly drawn characters from the old cartoons. Really wish the sculptor studied her profile more.

Now, in their defense I looked at my other Haruhis and it looks like they all look almost the same. Except there was more separation of the nose with the upper lip on the other figures. Which made it slightly less painful. Oh well. I'm surprised I never noticed before on my other Haruhis, but as I said this one has the worst lip/nose merge of my Haruhi collection.


When I took her out of the packaging, to my dismay I saw the horrible job they did on her legs. Maybe it was only bad luck because they did a nice job on both Yuki and Mikuru but it really seemed like they hated Haruhi. On one leg they didn't bother to remove the excess material from the mold. On the other, they either removed too much or it was a mold issue again because it looked like someone took a wood carving tool and dug into the entire length of her leg!

I was so upset I was about to box her back up and try to sell her for a few dollars. I should have taken more before pictures because I decided what did I have to lose since she looked so bad? I went and tried to fix her myself.


If you look at the before picture above, on the right leg you have ugly excess material running the entire length's It's actually on both sides of the right leg. On the left if you can make it out, it looks like a trench is running through the left leg, the entire length on both sides of the leg!

I examined the "skin" it wasn't painted on. 90% of this figure was tinted so there was almost no paint to damage with my "repair". Lucky enough her legs didn't have the gloss/shiny coating that Yuki and Mikuru had... again, they either didn't bother to examine her legs or didn't finish the job... very disappointed.

I took a knife and carved and carved and carved both legs and this is the result.


Unfortunately I didn't have any sand paper to smooth it out, I'll have to do that later but it's a vast improvement. There's still some touch up left but I figure some sand paper when I can get it will take care of the rest. So under certain conditions you can "fix" your figure. Specifically if the part is tinted and doesn't have any special coating on it.

Transition from Flesh to Material
It looks like they did a bad job transition from her skin to her panties. Gaps/seams in some areas and just rough and ugly in others. I can't tell if the staining was intentional or from adhesive drying and discoloring the surface. And, I don't know about you but the panties were pretty ugly too.



  • Hands
  • Hair
  • Uniform
  • Skirt
  • Bag

She has some of the best hands I've seen on a figure. Both hands look great, can't say it enough. I wish I had taken some better pictures of her hands to illustrate the point. Absolutely love them. Just some of the nicest hands I've ever seen on any figure, very surprising.

I absolutely love her hair, it looks so great. I wish they would offer her other longer hair styles for the Figmas... especially the twin tails... 8Þ In any case, her long hair looks great from any angle, so lively and full.


They did a nice job on her uniform. The level of detail was adequate and it just looks so great on her.


If you haven't realized it yet, you can remove her skirt. I think she looks better with the skirt on...


A nice job on the bag, it looks great.


I gave a score of 8 due mainly to the excess material all over the figure. If you look closely you can see it everywhere... =( But especially in her flesh. If they took more care I might have considered a 9. In any case 8 is still a good score.

There's really not much to talk about in regards to painting. Majority of this figure was tinted. These were the parts painted: her head band, the collars and sleeves of her shirt, her tie, her one black button, her mouth, parts of her leg, some metal pieces on her bag...and her hair


The only other thing they did was use decals for her eyes.

I think the tint for the uniform and her skin are slightly off, besides that I can't really comment.

Score of 8. I was tempted to give a score of 7, actually while I was writing this review it was a 7. However, I thought about it some more and I can't really fault them for taking the approach they did. If you can do something faster and cheaper, why wouldn't you? As far as I can tell the quality didn't take a hit compared to someone painting/airbrushing her. However, I do wish they didn't tint her flesh. If you look at the nice figures with a lot of flesh exposed especially the more complex skin tones such as tanned figures. They usually airbrush/paint those. They look fantastic but are so fragile/prone to scratches and marks. =(

Maybe I'm being too picky, but does anyone think the pose is off from the artwork? It looks like she's jumping/leaping and barely on one foot in the artwork but both feet are touching the base for the figure. Let's say they had to compromise because of the base, then I guess it's OK. It's definitely a Haruhi pose both in her facial expression, body language and mannerism.


Score of 8. The score was originally a 7 but I thought about it some more and decided what other pose were they suppose to use? 8Þ

The base...


Score of 5. I was tempted to give a score of 4. The foot pegs weren't even glued in! When I was attaching her they kept dropping out from the bottom of the base. You need 4 arms just to attach her to the base. Two hands to hold the base and the pegs in and two more to hold the figure and attach her to the base! And it's so ugly compared to the other 2 bases. The only good things is it's low profile and not that big. I just wish it was round instead of square. Oh another thing, the pegs are not long enough or just not enough because she keeps coming free if you move her around meaning she'll fall off the base.

This is a Premium figure and they used the same cheap box that they did for their regular prize figures? What happened to them? They used to make very nice boxes for their Premium figures with very nice artwork. I am so disappointed.


Standard blister design and the figure is wrapped in plastic to protect from rubbing/paint transfer. Don't really see the need since she's tinted almost all the way.

Score of 4. Below average and justified. Weak/cheap box with no nice artwork that you expect from a Premium prize figure. So disappointing.

Let's say if I couldn't "fix" her legs I would have been very disappointed. However, this being a Premium prize figure I was very disappointed with the approach they took with her. The other Premium Prize figures looked great, their packaging looked great, you could tell they put a lot of effort into them and they didn't feel cheap. Of the 3 girls from this set, I'd have to say she's the "worse" of them. However, she's still a nice figure but as I keep saying I expected more of a Premium prize figure.

Score of 7.
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She wasn't worth what I paid... about 100 bucks including shipping.
9 år sedan
Thanks for the review! It says she's 25cm tall but she looks bigger than that haha. Her quality doesn't seem to justify her current market/Mandarake price.. how much did you get her for (if I may ask)?
9 år sedan
Strife212 Original Blue
Um, that was me by the way, they left their account logged in. :p
9 år sedan
Thanks. I think I have some bad luck with legs on figures... =( I keep getting the ones with ugly legs...
9 år sedan
Good review :)

Yeah, the face is a little weird from some angles. The legs on mine definately weren't as bad as yours though, seems you got unlucky! Although you fixed it up pretty good.
9 år sedan